Autumn 2019

30 Jun19006 Experience & Expertise in the Residential Interior Design Sector Established almost exactly thirty years ago, Alexandra Dixon Interiors (ADI) have built their reputation on an ability to exceed the expectations of its highly discerning clientele. As LUXlife’s 2019 ‘Leading Experts in High-End Interior Design Services’, the firm has shown a remarkable ability to weather industry changes and thrive despite challenge. We spoke with Alexandra herself to find out how she has remained an expert in the sector. Perhaps most telling about Alexandra Dixon Interiors is that it has grown organically through repeat business and client referrals – no small feat for any firm, but particularly impressive considering ADI’s longevity. Moreover, this longevity has proven to be one of the firm’s most alluring strengths, differentiating them from an incredibly competitive arena that is only growing more competitive with each passing year. After all, experience can be the difference between a great space and an exquisite one. “We offer our clients the wealth of experience we have built up in the residential interiors market. All in all, our clients are busy professionals who are looking to create a bespoke interior that reflects what makes them them. We’re lucky in that many clients have come back on several occasions with second or third homes or have simply moved. They often very kindly recommend us to their friends regularly too. Alexandra continues, commenting on the regions in which the firm works: “We mostly cover the Home Counties, where we are based, but we have worked in many areas around the UK including Cornwall, Cheshire and, currently, Anglesey in North Wales. Other projects have been completed in Jersey, Chamonix, Switzerland, Spain and France.” Where their peers take client-centricity seriously, ADI takes it to another level entirely, opting to focus their efforts on ensuring that clients are catered for from the beginning of the project right through to the very end. “We are totally service led. No problem is too small and the team here at ADI really try to drill down on the detail at all stages of the design and installation process, so the client has a stress-free experience. Post install, we are on hand to oversee finishing off details and we also offer a complete turnkey service for those who require it - they move in with the beds made, the flowers in vases and the champagne chilling.” Naturally, these small touches become vital when working in the residential market – after all, a house only becomes a home if it feels like a home. That hinges on an ability to recognise what makes the client an individual and different. Here Alexandra takes a moment to talk about her team, and how they work as ambassadors to the firm’s core ethos. “My staff are wonderful! We have a very collaborative work ethic and as we are a small team – currently 10 people - we are all aware of each other’s projects and can jump in to help or advise as required. I believe it helps that we cover admin, accounts, project management and design in-house.” “My design team are extremely talented and creative. As all of our designers specialise in a different style we can match the project to the designer rather than having an established house style. I believe this keeps the designer inspired and excited to be doing fresh work for each client too. We have weekly team meetings and several times a week have break out individual meetings to discuss projects and thoughts/ ideas.” “I think we all feel very privileged to work in an industry that inspires us, we spend a lot of time at work so to have a job you love makes the good days better and the bad days less so!” When it comes to the future, Alexandra discusses their imminent 30-year anniversary and what it means to have achieved this milestone. “We are celebrating our anniversary this year with a large party for our clients current & past, suppliers, subcontractors and ex work colleagues. I am very proud to have achieved this remarkable feat and feel I want to share and say thank you to everyone who has been involved along the way.” Company: Alexandra Dixon Interiors Name: Alexandra Dixon Address: 3 Baring Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 2NB, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: +44 (0) 1494 680222