Autumn 2019

39 Apr19353 A Boutique Secret in the Foothills of the Cyprian Mount Olympus Opened in 2009, Apokryfo, coming from the Greek for “hidden away”, is a delightful boutique hotel in the foothills of Mount Olympus in Cyprus. Following their recognition in LUXlife’s 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards as the ‘Best Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Destination in the country, we spoke with the hotel’s owner, Victor Hadjikyriacou, to find out more. Apokryfo is resplendent in rural charm. Restorted and nurtured from the ground-up by Victor and his wife Diana, the 5 suites and 4 houses that comprise Apokryfo are the very definition of homely and welcoming. Located in the village of Lofou, a hotspot in the up-and-coming agrotourist trend, Apokryfo is one of those secret hideaways that seem doomed to inevitable popularity. For the time being at least, is makes good on its name, offering a peaceful retreat in one of the sleepiest parts of this most idyllic of villages. For Victor, this was all very much by design, as he discusses in more detail: “Apokryfo is very much a boutique hotel in Lofou, just on the outskirts of Limassol town in Cyprus. Our hotel caters to all ages, though specifically for those holidaymakers who want a luxurious hideaway to enjoy their time.” Yet, the hotel is also undoubtedly luxurious in the finer details, offering a subtle sort of modernity that isn’t jarring, and blends perfectly into the environment. Making full use of the surroundings, and taken inspiration from its deep-rooted Cyprian heritage, many of the original features remain, making this a visual and architectural treat. Of course, Apokryfo astounds from more than just a visual perspective – it also seeks to raise the bar when it comes to hospitality, as Victor explains. “Our attention to detail and the personal touch is what our clients write about in their reviews. Our staff, too, have a friendly and sensitive approach which makes our clients feels at home, as if they guesthouse belongs to them and not to a hotel.” Victor continues, “our staff is all locally sourced from areas and villages nearby. We wholeheartedly encourage our staff to personally bring their own warmth and a local, traditional touch to the service we provide our guests.” There can be little doubt that the hotel is thoroughly traditional, with the greatest of care afforded to ensuring an authentic respite. Traditionalism permeates the hotel’s restaurant too. ‘The Agrino’ is open throughout the day, with a breakfast buffet serving a number of healthy local delicacies that, wherever possible, is homemade by a team of highly-talented chefs. This is Cyprian fare at its most delicious, and most fresh: think halloumi, pomegranate, anari cheese pastries and freshly-baked bread. Pure perfection. But, all of that barely scratches the surface when it comes to Apokryfo and its many wonders. This is, ultimately, a hotel that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated. Company: Apokryfo Traditional Guesthouses Name: Victor Hadjikyriacou Address: Lofou Village, Cyprus Website: