Autumn 2019

40 Apr19401 Finding Harmony and Luxury in the Avant Garde Based in Mexico, Victoria Plasencia Interiorismo is an interior design firm that specialises in high-end, luxury design, and is characterised by innovative, functional solutions. Following their success in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, where they were recognised as ‘Mexico's Most Outstanding in Luxury Space Design’, we spoke with Victoria to find out more about the firm’s work and approach to design. In almost every way, Victoria Plasencia Interiorismo represents one of Mexico’s finest interior design firms. Through their work, which focuses on the harmony between the avant-garde and functionality, they have created utterly unique spaces that excel in finding new ways to explore the well-travelled luxury landscape. In Victoria’s words, she “creates decorative solutions of a unique nature, which emphasises the needs of welfare and comfort of each person through the spaces they inhabit.” Though her work is, by all regards, so much more than that. Of course, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of Victoria’s mindset in the residential space. After all, the interior of a room – of an entire house – has to reflect the client: their likes, interests, history and experience. As such, as Victoria explains, each project is very different from the next. “We love details and we project is through everything that we do. Each client is truly different, which is why every single project is unique for us. In this way, one of the most important steps for us is to listen to the client, know how they live, what their habits are, their expectations – we want to discover what they really need and want. Our job as designers is to help the client find the style that best suits them and to build – together – the space of their dreams.” “We are a firm that seeks excellence in Interior Design, which means incorporating the people who will be inhabiting the space. Style As a team, our goal is to make a difference in every detail and think outside the box.” Throughout it all, Victoria Plasencia Interiorismo’s staff play a fundamental role, with considerable efforts being made to ensure that everyone is aware of the ethos of the firm and their commitment to the client experience, as Victoria continues. “The vision and objectives of the firm are present in each meeting with the team, and we make sure that the whole company knows where we are and where we see ourselves as a team in the future, making sure that the distinctive touch of quality is present in the day-to-day work in the office.” This core ethos has ground the company on a robust platform, defining their work and guiding their path even as the greater industry changes, adapts and evolves to the latest trends and fashions. “Within the Mexican design industry there are two trends that stand out from the rest for their ability to be incorporated into our designs. The first one is the use of neutral tones, since the interiors in which we use them are elegant and sophisticated and integrate perfectly into the overall design. Secondly, is the use of natural materials as wood, stone, marble and plants.” Yet, Victoria Plasencia Interiorismo prides itself on a stance that is defined, primarily, by an ability to set trends not follow them. “Of course, we always make sure to keep an eye (and ear) in search of new trends, whether that be on social media, publications, or through our suppliers. But, our mentality will always be that of a ‘pathfinder’,” Victoria adds. Finally, Victoria speaks for a moment on the firm’s future as they look towards completing new projects in the hospitality sector. “We are currently working the finishing details for a new Hotel and on a number of high-end residences throughout the state of Jalisco that will be completed by the end of the year.” Name: Victoria Plasencia Telephone: +52 (333) 3070 1075 Website: