Autumn 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 43 Autumn 2019 Indulgent and innovative, the Zalu Spa aims to offer guests a unique oasis of comfort and relaxation in the heart of this bustling, decedent resort. Inspired by African culture, Zalu Spa aims to offer its clients a unique array of treatments aimed at using natural methods to boost health and well-being. The team’s focus is to introduce clients to authentic African spa rituals without neglecting valuable healing and holistic traditions from around the world. The result is an exceptional, harmonious spa experience. Every aspect of the spa, from its décor through to its treatment and product offerings, is designed to showcase the best of African culture and transport clients into a world of relaxation and affinity with nature. A fresh and pure environment, the Zalu Spa is able to offer guests a purifying experience from the moment they arrive. Thanks to the spa’s diverse range of products, which draw from the power and beauty of nature, guests will experience a soulful journey that revitalizes the body and skin consciously. Treatments range of facials to massages and include an African potato body wrap and the spa’s unique “Maasai Ritual”, which allows guests to experience a range of pampering, traditional rituals. Incorporating either the full body or a specific area or product, each treatment on the menu is designed to give them a truly decedent spa experience. Seeking to offer guests convenience and quality, Zalu Spa can bring its equipment and trained staff direct to the poolside so that clients can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment in comfort and style. The professional team behind this incredible spa will work with clients to ensure that they enjoy the treatments they need in the space they feel most comfortable. For those clients who wish to experience a selection of treatments, the spa offers an innovative ‘All You Can Spa’ package, where guests can buy time in the spa, rather than a number of treatments. As such, they are able to relax and enjoy the treatments they need over a period ranging from 4 to 10 hours. Alongside its extensive range of treatments, the spa also boasts a 24-hour gym and a traditional yoga studio where guests can experience Hatha Yoga that is tailored to meet their individual needs and abilities. Over the coming years Zalu Spa will remain dedicated to providing guests with the same extensive range of luxurious treatments and the same quality services that will ensure they leave feeling truly relaxed and ready to re-enter the world and be the best version of themselves possible. Company: Zalu Spa Website: