Autumn 2019

ATrue Family-Run Restaurant in the Hills of Positano Opening originally in early 1997, Donna Rosa Restaurant has established itself as a mainstay in the idyllic cliffside village of Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Over the last two decades, the restaurant has remained true to its roots, and remains – to this day – a true family-run restaurant. Following Donna Rosa’s recognition in the 2019 Restaurant & Bar Awards, where it was named ‘Most Romantic Italian Restaurant on the Amalfi Coast’, we spoke with the restaurant’s Rosida Villani to find out more. More than anything, Donna Rosa Restaurant espouses a dedication – simply – to fine food. Named after Rosida’s grandmother, “an excellent cook”, the restaurant has thrived through its family roots, and commitment to providing an exquisite guest experience. Nestled in the hills of Positano, a delightful tourist hotspot, there’s much to love about this restaurant and it has remained, for good reason, a popular spot for travellers and locals alike. To begin, Rosida offers more insight into the day to day running of the restaurant. “My mother, Raffaella, and my sister, Erika, are the chefs. I take care of guests, while my father is the resident wine expert. We aim to offer a different experience than other restaurants and believe that guests should feel at home, truly welcome, when they arrive. Despite being a popular establishment, we make sure to not pressure guests into finishing dinner. We want to always make sure that the guest comes first and that the restaurant’s atmosphere is always relaxing and quiet.” Rosida continues, moving on to discuss how Donna Rosa aims to achieve excellence in everything they do. “As there are no ‘outside employees’ the family takes care of everything. We receive out product and produce fresh every day to ensure that our customers have the very best experience possible. The kitchen is held to very high standards that, we believe, is shown and reflected in the quality of the food served. Perhaps more importantly, as a family-run restaurant, we want to make sure that every guest at The Donna Rosa feels like a part of the family and enjoy a special hospitality and comfort.” This idea is a particularly powerful one and forms the very foundations of the restaurant’s enduring success. If the guest is a member of the family, then the restaurant – by natural extension – is the home, as everyone is welcomed in to share in the original Donna Rosa’s cooking. It’s a deeply personal thing indeed and has proven a long-lasting hit among patrons of all walks of life. Rosida, in her final comments, agrees wholeheartedly: “When clients walk in they feel the synergy of the family and are always greeted with kindness, courtesy, and smiles.” Donna Rosa Ristorante Address: Via Montepertuso 97/99 Website: Telephone: +39 0898 11806 Jun19143