Autumn 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 9 Autumn 2019 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee; President and CEO Danny Lee; Chief Scientific Officer Dr. David Vollmer 4Life Transfer Factor sets the standard. our first-in-class clinical study with human subjects this year. Very few of our competitors come anywhere close to substantiating product efficacy and safety like we do here at 4Life.” Legacy of Research and Development • Forty-four worldwide patents, with dozens pending • State-of-the-art analytical laboratories • Peer-reviewed research in academic journals and symposiums • Health Sciences Advisory Board with MDs, PhDs, Immunologists, and Nutritionists • NSF ® International, GMP-registered 4Life Manufacturing Facility • Commitment to the identity, purity, strength, and composition of every product 4Life is The Immune System Company™. With a customer satisfaction guarantee and long-standing A+ rating and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, it’s easy to mistake the company’s success for the innovation of 4Life Transfer Factor products. After all, in 2017, Global Health and Pharma named the company the Best Supplement Provider in the United States. A year later, Corporate USA Today recognized 4Life as the 2018 Best Health and Fitness Supplement Provider in the United States. This year, we at LUXlife Magazine have honored 4Life as the Best Immune System Supplements in the United States. President and CEO Danny Lee: “Every award is a great honor, but the LUXlife recognition brings with it special satisfaction because it focuses on our core competency in immune system sciences.” Patented formulations, scientific advancements, and an unrivaled commitment to quality accounts for products that are as attractive to athletes as customers. Team 4Life includes Olympic gold medalists and top-performing competitors who represent more than 15 sports on four continents. When powerlifter Brady Stewart joined Team 4Life in 2011, he was pressing 600 lb. Earlier this year, he was inducted into the McKendree University Sports Hall of Fame after winning his division at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival with an 821 lb lift and medaling at the World Open and Bench Press Championships. Kristi Koplin, bobsledder and 2022 Olympic Games hopeful, joined Team 4Life as an athletic brand ambassador earlier this year. But world-class products alone don’t make for a successful or longstanding company in direct selling. Direct selling relies most heavily on the caliber of the company’s independent distributors. Lee: “Our success has come sequentially. Distributor by distributor, customer by customer, continent by continent, and decade by decade. Every corporate award traces back to distributor vigilance. We can’t do what we do without their success.” Ongoing Scientific Innovation Requires Distributor Success In the early days of the company, Taking Transfer Factor to the World™ was a slogan and call to action. Because David and Bianca Lisonbee chose the channel of direct selling over retail, they designed the Life Rewards Plan™ to compensate business builders. The generational success of distributors around the world includes some of the industry’s most passionate and talented individuals.” In 2004, David Lisonbee appointed Steve Tew as company President and CEO. Under Tew’s leadership, 4Life focused on product registration, international brick and mortar expansion, and distributor growth. In October 2017, Tew assumed the role of Vice Chairman of the Board and Danny Lee took over as President and CEO. Today, Lee focuses on programmatic relevance, business process innovation, tools development, and baseline competitive advantages to drive the 4Life business opportunity forward for a new generation. Hundreds of thousands of customers enjoy 4Life products through a network of distributors. Most distributors work part-time, but some work fulltime. With offices in 25 countries, the company has paid more than $1.7 billion in worldwide commissions over the past two decades. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Trent Tenney: “Our goal is to create a positive impact for the purpose of individual empowerment. We have products, programs, proficiencies, business opportunity, and a gig for anyone looking.” In terms of engagement, communications, and training, 4Life offers 4Life University, numerous mobile apps, personal websites, and a variety of other digital and hardcopy business building tools. Senior Vice President of Marketing Brian Gill: “We know that relevance requires bandwidth. Our tools are serious business, and our social media presence is serious fun. This is a participatory venture for all of us.” Vision, Stability, and Ongoing Innovation 4Life is committed to scientific advancement, customer satisfaction, distributor success, and community service in areas where 4Life entrepreneurs live and work around the world. David Lisonbee: “This is the way Bianca and I always envisioned the company. It’s why we mortgaged our home to start 4Life. Our interest has always been, and will always be, to incentivize authentic partnerships with a mission of scientific discovery in the immune system sciences. The LUXlife Health, Beauty, and Wellness Award for Best Immune System Supplements in the United States assures me that we’re on the right path.”