Autumn 2020

11 May20098 The Luxury Side of Laser Removal Tattoo removal doesn’t have to be painful. The team at Thinkb4youink provide the most sophisticated systems to make for a truly exceptional customer experience. With strong commitment to the best possible care, they have been named Best Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic – Wiltshire in LUXlife’s Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2020. We look a little closer to find out more. Based in Swindon, Thinkb4youink has established itself as a specialist in the realm of tattoo removal. Kindness and courtesy are at the forefront of operations, with fully trained and insured staff offering treatments on the company’s state-of-the-art machines. Those who want a tattoo removed might differ hugely, but all share the desire to see a comforting face who can get the job done. The beating heart of Thinkb4youink is obviously its laser machines. Each has been chosen because it is of the highest quality, provided by the UK’s leading laser manufacturer. What is key to the process, however, is the I-cool machine. Committed to making the painful painless, clients are able to have the skin cooled before and after treatment. This addition makes an amazing difference to the experience. Many centres do not offer this service, but Thinkb4youink provide it as a matter of course. For them, it’s far from an additional extra, and instead takes a place as an intrinsic part of the process. Moreover, as members of the British Medical Laser Association, clients can rest assured that they are in the best possible hands with professionals with the experience and expertise to ‘get the job done’. Crucially, the team offer many ways to make the process as quick as possible, with finance options in place to make treatment as convenient as possible. These are available through a 3rd party, payl8r, and include the monthly offers that Thinkb4youink make available. There is a buy now, pay in 30days at 0% APR option for clients who require it. The result for all concerned is a more flexible system that creates new and exciting opportunities. For those who work a 9-5, they are happy to make allowances and provide out of hours appointments. Much of how Thinkb4youink works is based on what makes things easier for the client. With a free initial consultation, it’s easy for clients to see exactly where their money will be spent. All the treatments are fully customised to suit the individual requirements of the client and are available to customers the length and breadth of Wiltshire. A warm and friendly face is key to anyone who visits Thinkb4youink, and the team have been carefully selected to ensure that anyone’s experience is relaxing and trouble-free. Needless to say, any questions will be happily answered, and any concerns put to rest. Every member of the team is an expert in the field and more than capable of handling any problems a client might have. The team have recently moved into a new, modern space, still in the heart of Swindon. This facility has provided a new opportunity for the firm to expand, building a client base that will see them through 2020 and beyond. With state-of-the-art technology already driving the company forward, it’s little surprise that they seem set to continue achieving success into the future. It’s difficult to find a service that puts clients so strongly first when compared to Thinkb4youink. Their considered approach, with careful investment in the latest in techniques relating to the process really puts them heads-and-shoulders above the competition. Not only is it an attitude that has brought the team continued success, but it is one that will allow them to continue achieving for the foreseeable future. Contact: Harry Livingstone, Director Web Address: Phone Number: 01793 237 862