Autumn 2020

21 Feb20028 Dominika Dominates Interior Design Designing interiors is an arena in which experience is king, or queen in this case. Across a decade that has spanned more than two decades, Dominika J. Rostocka has completed hundreds of interior design projects in Poland and further afield. In this issue of LUXlife, we take a closer look at Dominika’s work to find out why she was crowned Poland’s Leading Interior Designer of the Year – 2020 recently. Dominika J. Rostocka may now be an interior architect, designer, and founder of the School of Interior Production and Design, and the Art&Mind Foundation, but her journey towards interior design stardom began without many of these accolades and a lot of hard work. In her early life, Dominika graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design at the Krakow University of Technology, with accreditation from the Royal Institute of British Architects, before going on for Postgraduate Studies in Restoration of Architectural and Urban Monuments at the same place. It quickly became apparent that her passion for detail originated from her numerous artistic passions as well as additional education in the field of artistic handicraft, drawing, and painting. Since then, Dominika has remained fascinated with new trends in stylistics and design, constantly seeking those new trends out in Paris, Cologne, Milan, or Moscow on a regular basis. Throughout her twenty-year career, Dominika has completed hundreds upon hundreds of interior design projects using knowledge gleaned from the centres of fashion and interior design around the world. Armed with her international insight and University acumen, Dominika specialises in the complex interior furnishing of luxury homes and mansions across Poland and the wider European continent. In her career, she has also designed a number of public buildings and dealt with the successful restoration of historic ones that nobody wants to see fall into disrepair and disrepute. In every project she undertakes, that keen attention to detail remains the same as it ever was. Original details are the distinguishing features of her projects, as she creates not only the designs of buildings and interiors, but also patterns of original furniture and individual decorative elements. Each of Dominika’s interiors takes a vastly different form from the last, but there are traces of her particular style throughout them all. Whether it is a bright, airy, and spacious mansion that radiates light and earthy tones at every turn, or a more sophisticated kitchen and dining area with slick surfaces complemented by lots of greys and silvers, Dominika can do it all for her clients. From classic art deco-style corridors and stairways, to futuristic lounges with jagged white sofas and cosmic wall art, there is no limit to the creativity and ability of this fantastic interior designer and architect. Gaining accolades along the way, Dominika has been hugely successful in her career as an interior designer and architect. In 2013, Dominika found herself on the receiving end of the award for the Best Interior Design of her “Residence Under The Oaks” at the prestigious European Property Awards, held in London. The following year, Dominika began the process that would see her become a mentor and influencer to so many others. She initiated the establishment of the School of Interior Production and Design, where she became the main lecturer, as well as developing a custom curriculum that was focused on the technical and practical aspects of the design of space. Not long after, Dominika also founded the Art&Mind Foundation, which helped with education in the fields of art and design to instil and instigate the development of creativity amongst people of all ages. Interior design requires no small amount of skill, and every bit of experience helps towards realising the true potential of the next space or meeting the needs of the next client. Dominika has dedicated her life to creating spaces that are perfect, and filled with intricate details that make it truly outstanding, and has achieved exactly that with magnificent effect. Her work is as luxurious as it is brilliant, and will no doubt be savoured for generations to come. Company: DOMINIKA J. ROSTOCKA Contact: Maciej Dzierżawski Website: