Autumn 2020

29 Apr20109 Hearty Food At Hertfordshire Grill In the small and characterful North Hertfordshire town of Hitchin lies the sort of eatery that many have frequented at least once in their lives, though almost certainly not to this standard. When in need of some mouth-wateringly delicious comfort food after a night of partying or a chilled out night in, there is no better choice than J’s Grill, recognised as the Best Casual Dining Experience – Hertfordshire in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2020. Upon returning home from a fantastic night out, or when preparing to curl up for a cosy night in at home, one thing remains true; food could either make it or break it. With J’s Grill, there is no need to run the risk. With its specialised menu of Peri Peri chicken, fried chicken, and gourmet beef burgers, J’s Grill has slowly but surely cemented itself as the go-to takeaway of choice for many local residents in Hitchin, and those who find themselves visiting regularly for any number of reasons. Takeaway places can often come under fire for providing a swift service that leaves food suffering, or a lengthier service that drives hungry customers away in search of quicker food. J’s Grill has no such problem. It couples speedy service with a desire to always put the best food out and do right by the customer, every single time. There is the usual selection of foods for those seeking comfort in a classic piece of fried chicken, or gourmet burger, but it is the preparation and cooking of these options that stands out J’s Grill as a truly exceptional eatery here. Every meal is beautifully prepared and cooked to perfection, ensuring a moist and juicy bite every single time. Meats are flavoured and spiced in ways that excite and delight the taste buds, but the chicken wings are a particular favourite. The base marinade presents a funky flavour that is hard to beat, and each juicy bite leaves the eater wanting more. Alongside the array of meaty main options for visitors to peruse, there is also a world-class selection of sides that would fit in right at home in almost any takeaway joint in the world. However, where others might settle for mere chips, J’s Grill once again outdoes itself in offering fries in many different styles and types, with Peri Fried, Grilled Halloumi, and Sweet Potato Fries. There is no denying that the rise of halloumi in the United Kingdom has been nothing short of meteoric, with millennials playing a key part in seeing it become a mainstay of many different luxury eateries. J’s Grill has taken it upon itself to bring that luxury to the high street and into takeaways, ensuring that everybody who wants halloumi, can have halloumi. Dispelling the myths surrounding takeaway places across the country about their hygiene and cleanliness, J’s Grill is the epitome of clean and organised. Every staff member knows exactly what they are doing at all times, ensuring that they are also professional, warm, welcoming, and helpful to any who enter in search of delicious food. Each piece of food is painstakingly prepared and cooked to order, ensuring that everything is fresh and that just because it is a takeaway place, it does not have to sacrifice on freshness, taste, or flavour for those about to enjoy the food. For those who want food that is mass-produced, average in taste, and quicker than a bookie’s runner, J’s Grill is not the place. Rather, it is a benchmark for the takeaway industry to aim for, with freshly-prepared tasty food in a warm and friendly location that is sure to make anyone feel welcome. Every staff member at J’s Grill is on hand to do anything that will make guests’ experience a hugely positive one, and encourage them to keep coming back to this outstanding eatery. Company: J’s Grill Contact: Satinder Sidhu