Autumn 2020

31 Dec19210 Ingenious Interior Innovation party/space/design is one of those design consultancies that truly embodies what it means to be innovative, without sacrificing on creativity or functionality. Creating spaces that exude distinction and excellence, join us as we discover why the team behind party/space/design have made the firm into the proud recipient of 2020's Award for Excellence in Innovation – Thailand. Since being formed in 2012, there is a core belief that has underpinned almost every piece of work undertaken by party/space/design. That is the belief that “a good design is a design that not only achieves a desired effect, but also shapes the expectation of what the experience can be.” Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the consultancy offers a wide variety of services for clients looking to change their identity or space. With interior design, exhibition, product design, graphic design, branding, and corporate identity services amongst the many that it offers, party/space/design brings an extensive back catalogue of skills and expertise to any client with any job. However, it specialises in using experiential designs to recreate restaurants and retail interiors, and has consistently produced exceptional work that is the perfect blend of style, form, and shape. With any project, the team at party/space/design draw on their global experience working with a myriad of styles, colours, and forms to ensure that the client gets exactly what they need. As much as the design element to the work is pivotal, so too is spending time in the spaces beforehand, to get a real and authentic sense of what both client and customer require. From spending time in restaurants and cafes, to retail shops of all kinds, party/space/design ensures that it knows what the client needs out of a space before doing any kind of work. Adhering to limitations of scale, price, and space, the firm uses all of its considerable skills, abilities, and disciplines to guarantee a high quality of work throughout everything produced. Each and every client, as well as their space, has radically different needs. In order to come up with a design that reflects the business, and the personality of the businessowner, the team at party/space/ design utilises every ounce of its team’s experience working with style, colour, form, and texture. Teamwork really does make the dream work, as spaces are brought to life thanks to a deep understanding of the brand, space, and client needs. Seamlessly integrating their wealth of experience and knowledge, each team member brings something different to the table and weaves together spaces that are both innovative and exciting to all who enter them. Moving beyond Bangkok, party/space/design has also undertaken projects across much of Asia, and the wider world, including the likes of Kuwait, China, Cambodia, and the United States of America. It is more than just restaurants and retail stores took, with work taking place for corporate industries and sole proprietorships. Everyone can tap into the services that party/space/design offers, and see their dream of a luxurious eatery or shopping space come to life. The reasons behind the continued success for party/space/design could not be more clear, as the work speaks for itself. Overcoming limitations of space and typical styles, these spaces are distinctive and memorable, without compromising on creativity, flair, and functionality. Not only can this commendable consultancy be congratulated for the breadth of its work, but also the sentiment behind it. Everything is done with the client in mind, and through its environmentally-friendly practices, party/space/ design continues to be one of the best to partner with. Company: party/space/design Contact: Clean Aue-Karn Laosatirawong Website: