Autumn 2020

8 Apr20118 Where Holistic Beauty and Luxury Meet Holistic wellness and beauty are about more than any one aspect of a skincare or fitness routine or regime; they are about all of the things we do in our lives that affect our health. The key idea behind a holistic approach to wellness is that of attentiveness and awareness, and that is the key for internationally renowned Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, and President of Holistic Mun, Sue Mun. In this issue of LUXlife, we find out why Holistic Mun won the title of ‘Best Bespoke Facial Treatment’ - New York City in this years’ Health, Beauty, and Wellness Awards. Everything that people do in their daily lives has an effect on their skin, in some way or another. Whether it is what they have eaten for the day, what products have been put on the skin in the morning and throughout the day, or simply how the body has been treated, everything has an effect on the skin. Understanding just how important everything is to holistic wellness and health is the specialism of world-renowned Aesthetician and President of Holistic Mun, Sue Mun. Sue brings more than two decades of professional experience in the fashion and beauty industry, and rigorous training in the healing arts. Combined with her experience in Western tradition, Sue and her team at Holistic Mun seek to ensure that the body, mind, and spirit are wholly engaged for the maximum benefit of the individual. Holistic Mun enthusiastically embraces the philosophy of its founder that true beauty is radiant health, and that wellness and beauty begin from within an individual. Sue is a highly skilled practitioner of both Eastern and Western arts and sciences, having earned her Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2004. However, in order to make her business as much of a success as her luxurious work with clients, Sue also holds a bachelor’s degree of science with a double major in Finance and International Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Drawing on both her business acumen and her acute understanding of how to achieve a luxurious balance in health and wellbeing, Sue also uses her business expertise to consult and create international joint venture partnerships in the realm of beauty, health, technology, and entertainment. Sue’s mastery of the Eastern disciplines is just as admirable as her academic ventures in the Western world. In 2006, she was conferred the title Sabumnim (Master of Ki Gong) from the Tao Institute, and has since spent her time sharing with clients this ancient Korean form of cultivated life-force energy that involved breathing, meditation, specific exercises for whole-body health, balancing muscles and joints for vitality and healing. It is a remarkable healing martial art that keeps clients ageless and has contributed massively to Sue’s success as part of Holistic Mun. Sue has also created effective techniques for repatterning the brain- a miraculous personalized process that gets you unstuck from having a poor self–image, restore confidence and achieve success in all areas of life (health, wealth, business, negotiations, relationships). Discover your purpose and feel a sense of beauty within oneself. She is an advanced certified PSYCH-K Practitioner , NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner and NLP Hypnotherapist. As part of her work, Sue is constantly delighted to provide each client with a comprehensive life-enhancing and custom-tailored program that is a unique blend of ancient modalities and modern sciences. One of Sue’s most sought-after treatments are the facials that Holistic Mun offers, and the breadth of bespoke options are the luxury for which the firm has won this latest accolade. What makes Sue’s facial treatments so uniquely fantastic are her accurate face readings, which are invaluable in helping to identify and overcome issues that had previously been though unresolvable. Using her own techniques, Sue is able to help identify intricate skin conditions, beauty concerns, and oftentimes health correlations related to accelerated ageing. Sue’s ability to understand exactly what a client’s face and body needs to look younger and regenerate optimally is second to none, and completely priceless for clients in search of answers. Unlike so many other facials that can leave skin red and inflamed after a session, Sue’s facials draw on her own expert understanding of the body, and customized to leave skin looking clearer and feeling more luxuriously radiant than ever before. People come for facials from all over the globe and are guaranteed to leave feeling rejuvenated, youthful and revitalised, and that is exactly what Sue and her team at Holistic Mun offers to clients in search of nothing but the best that the world of luxury health and beauty has to offer. Holistic Mun global remote services include: Holistic Health Sessions, Miracle Manifestation Sessions (Life Repatterning, NLP, NLP Hypnotherapy) Skin Analysis Evaluations and Skin Care Recommendations. Company: Holistic Mun Contact: Sue Mun Email: [email protected] Website: