Autumn 2021

12 Historical Excellence, Modern Service With the title of the ‘Most Outstanding Private Aircraft Charter’ for 2021 in the UK under its belt, Air Partner has been a cornerstone of its industry, especially over the course of the pandemic. With a history that spans the better part of a century and a global presence and 24-hour year-round flight operations centre, Air Partner’s team of 400 aviation professionals consistently puts clients first and prides itself on delivering the extraordinary. Air Partner is a global aviation services group which has been operating for more than 60 years. As the first publicly-traded air charter company, its industry-leading expertise and team of 400 aviation professionals means that clients are in reliable hands. Air Partner provides aircraft charter and aviation safety and security solutions to industry, commerce, governments and private individuals, across civil and military organisations. Air Partner is comprised of two divisions: Air Partner Charter, comprising of Group Charter, Private Jets, Freight and Specialist Services; and Air Partner Safety & Security, which comprises of aviation safety & security training, research and consulting services from Baines Simmons and Redline Assured Security. Air Partner offers larger aircraft charter for governments, corporate, sports and entertainment clients, industrial and manufacturing customers, and tour operators. The Freight service is for full or part- charter of cargo aircraft, for requirements such as emergency aid drops, time-critical door-to-door freight delivery and onboard couriers. Some of the world’s largest businesses regularly use Air Partner services as well as clients from the film, entertainment and sports industries, governments and high-net-worth individuals seeking the privacy and flexibility of private aviation. Air Partner continues to innovate for new audiences. For example, Air Partner recently launched Tour Protect in the UK, the first COVID-19 travel protection programme for the touring sector, providing musicians and entertainers with the most advanced safety measures including, enhanced COVID-19 protocols, evacuation planning, security detail and 24/7 health and medical support. Safety is the number one priority and selling point when it comes to booking a private jet. Clients have the option to fly from a private airport such as Farnborough in Hampshire or an exclusive terminal for private travellers, allowing them to travel to destinations across the world and move swiftly and seamlessly through the airport with minimal contact with other passengers and no queues for security. No longer limited to the elite, private jet travel is experiencing a surge in popularity across wider demographics. Private jet travel has become the preferred mode of transport for a wider community of leisure and business travellers including multi-generation families and groups of friends. Many people have turned to private jets in place of first or business class as they have come to appreciate the speed, convenience and safety that private travel allows. Air Partner has also seen demand surge for its JetCard programme globally, which allows clients to buy private jet flying 'hours' in advance. JetCard membership also protects flyers from any market volatility and price fluctuations for on demand flights. This means that travellers can confidently pre-book well in advance and be ahead in the queue for slots, permits and aircraft selection. JetCard bookings between February and June 2021 increased 56.8% globally, while the number of new members increased 36.8% year-on-year. Air Partner launched JetCard 5 in the UK and Europe in May 2020, which was the first JetCard product with a prepaid package of five hours’ flying time, aimed at those new to private flying and for those who want to future-proof their travel plans. This is particularly relevant for a post-pandemic world, which has changed the way the aviation and travel industries operate forever. Throughout the pandemic, Air Partner provided a range of services to support customers, individuals and businesses in need during uncertain times. During the early stages of the outbreak, the Air Partner Charter services became indispensable to facilitate the time-critical delivery of PPE. During the peak of the pandemic, it facilitated the delivery of PPE all over the world on over 300 flights and is currently supporting the vaccine rollout with time-critical cargo of enviro-containers and rubber. As scheduled services were reduced and global travel restrictions were put in place, the company transported individuals and families back to their respective homes across the world. As the situation developed, large corporate clients in the oil, gas and energy industries were supported by Air Partner’s Charter services to repatriate groups of critical workers around the world’s most remote locations. Air Partner’s focus this year and into 2022 is to welcome travellers back to leisure and business travel. Bookings continue to surge as families look forward to finally reuniting, companies start to return to the office and others can depart for long-awaited holidays. Looking forward, Air Partner wants to ensure that the business is operating more responsibly to ensure a more sustainable future for all and has an evolving sustainability strategy aimed at meeting this goal. Company: Air Partner [email protected] Website: Media contact: Mika Bishop – Houston [email protected] Apr21328