Autumn 2021

13 Feb21125 Film, and Music Productions as well as Photo Shoots and bring some of the old feeling of excitement back even in unusual times. She also co-authored a book in collaboration with other women entrepreneurs and authored two books: “I Am Not My Illness: Personal Stories of Inspiration and Hope,” dedicated to my parents and “Lights, Camera, Action Plan! How to Survive and Succeed in Hollywood” to help aspiring men, women, and children navigate the entertainment industry. Marie’s continued success within the entertainment industry is incredibly impressive, and has allowed her to achieve truly amazing results for her clients. Looking forward, she hopes to not only tell the stories of amazing brands but to produce her own meaningful TV and film projects as well. She has already produced the feature film, "Flint Tale," about a family affected by the Flint Water Crisis, which is no doubt the first of many to come. The role of Platinum Star is vital to many businesses, but it would not have succeeded without Marie’s hard work. Her skill within the industry, with people and with business, put her in the ideal position to bring her projects to life. We look forward to seeing what she does next. Company: Platinum Star Public Relations Name: Marie Y. Lemelle, MBA Email: [email protected] Web Address: For underserved businesses and women business owners, it can be a challenge to get the message you want out there. Good business depends on how people see you, and nailing that story can be incredibly difficult. When Platinum Star was established, it was with the specific intention of enabling these lesser-served groups to achieve their goals through positive and consistent exposure. Since opening its doors for the first time, the team have done all of that, and more. The firm has evolved over the years to cover the gamut from boxing to fashion, the entertainment, film, live theatre, and music industry and from health and wellness, corporations and to non-profit organizations that provide services to military veterans and other vulnerable populations. Their services are second to none, increasing the ranking of several actors, producers, directors, writers, musicians, style and fashion icons at red carpet events, special events and beyond. To achieve these goals requires a unique driving force, and this comes in the form of Marie Y. Lemelle. Marie has been intrinsic to ensuring that her team continues to manage some of the best in the entertainment industry from award-winning directors, writers, actors to singers, songwriters, and musicians. Beyond her impressive team, she also utilizes her passion and savvy for public relations, community outreach and branding/marketing to assist non-profit organizations. Unlike the competition, Platinum Star thrives because of Marie’s unique approach of championing both successful branding and a unique selling proposition. The endgame is to stand out from the crowd of other PR firms who offer these services. As a result, Marie and her team work exclusively with clients who both have a vision and are unafraid of success. This might sound easy, but requires a great deal of drive and ambition to thrive. The marketing plans developed by Platinum Star serve as a living document, one which can evolve to meet the needs of the day. Pivoting to the demands of the “new normal” has caused chaos for many businesses, while others made the transition to in person to an online environment. While that was not in most business marketing plans at the beginning of 2020, it is now. Understanding how your brand needs to be marketed will make the transition smoother than holding on to “this is how it’s always been done” mentality. This incredible flexibility, combined with a clarity of purpose, is what has allowed Marie and her team to achieve such success. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic forced enormous change to Platinum Star. One of the biggest revenue losses came from being unable to present celebrity clients on the red carpet for photos and live interviews. To counter this, Marie trained and became a certified COVID-19 Compliant Officer, able to offer a safe environment for TV, Luxury isn’t just what you do, it’s how people see you. For Marie Y. Lemelle and the team at Platinum Star Public Relations, finding the right message and the right sort of exposure can make all the difference. In the LUXlife Global Excellence Awards 2020, Marie and her team were named PR Agency of the Year – California. We take a closer look to see what high standards she has set within the industry and how she is leading her company to further heights of success. PR Pioneer Secures Success!