Autumn 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 17 Autumn 2021 Design plays a major part in all of our lives, from the way in which a room is laid out to the style and fittings that are part of the way we live. Design is a key aspect when considering art, and there is perhaps no more demanding sector of art than that of film and television production. The team at Fulcher Design have played roles across the spectrum of design, offering their exceptional knowledge to industries and individuals around the world. For more than twenty years, Fulcher Design has been a major player in the architectural, luxury retail, transportation and movie industries, building on the skills developed in each to offer a truly multidisciplinary practice. Few can argue with the remarkable range of services on offer from this amazing team, ranging from property design through to the development and construction of race cars. The art of good design lies at the heart of the business, with its founder Jean-Hans Fulcher offering clients a seasoned operator who knows the detail that must go into every project. A graduate from Pratt Institute with Honors in Industrial Design and a major in Car Design, he was able to take advantage of the Engineering, Architecture, and Art school all being on one campus. In a world where specialism is a highly valued commodity, the breadth of his background has laid the groundwork for Fulcher Design to reach into every industry and succeed, with skills being easily transferred between each unique project. Fulcher Design was formed in 2001, offering a base from which Jean-Hans could build and develop his career. In just two years, he was invited to team up with a Boutique Retail Marketing & manufacturer where he assisted with the practical elements of brand development. As a design and project manager, he was able to bring the skills of Fulcher Design to the attention of luxury brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Dom Perignon, Tanqueray 10, Cynthia Rowley, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger and the Lincoln Mercury Mark 8 Project, to name but a few. Alongside this work, Fulcher Design has applied its various skills to work for licensed brands in other areas too. The team have produced designs for various companies that need high quality toys, including Saban Entertainment Makers (Power Rangers), Toymax (creators of Creepy Crawlers Toys), Ragdoll Productions (Teletubbies) and Marvel (sellers of Spider-man and Batman). Alongside these renowned toy manufacturers, Jean-Hans has been able to get involved with the car industry too, working alongside Ford and Chevrolet to produce products for their customers as well. While trained in architecture and design, it is cars that remain the passion of Jean-Hans. Throughout his early years, he had engaged with local coach builders and fabricators, taking technical classes on the automotive technology and gaining hands-on experience in coach building and welding. These skills in machine shops were what opened the door to the toy market, with its need for skilled designers who knew about the fabrication of injection molding, but it also opened the door for the racecar industry. Over the last few years, Fulcher Design has been involved in the design and development of various dragsters for some of the world’s most prestigious customers. One of these was the Prince of Quatar, for his team Al-Anabi. These projects add to the incredible variety of work that Jean- Hans has undertaken over the years and showcases his incredible passion for good, practical design as well as the range of what he can do. The international flavour of the work that Fulcher Design does has not changed at