Autumn 2021

18 all over the years. People will come to this firm from around the world for a taste of what true luxury treatment is like. In 2019, Fulcher Design was proud to act as wedding planner and set designer for a couple from India. The project was based on the prestigious “world yacht” in New York City. The Fulcher Design team were responsible for decoration of the yacht entrance and interior as well as the design of the cake. Throughout the project, the team made sure that gifts and amenities for family and guests were in keeping with Hindu and cultural values. There are very few firms that have the capacity to cater for such a unique event, but the team at Fulcher Design take it in their stride. They know that these sorts of events allow them to reach entirely new audiences in very little time. One of the most exciting ventures for Fulcher Design, and for Jean-Hans personally, has come in the form of working as a production designer for movie sets and plays. These projects have their own unique challenges, and quite apart from demonstrating the breadth of ability which he can offer, showcases his incredible eye for luxury detailing. As with all design work, every space is unique but much of the work in this field involved not just good design, but clear and effective storytelling. Jean-Hans has found his work critically acclaimed, and he has been proud to win awards in this field over the years. One of Jean-Hans’ proudest moments was being employed as a set dresser of the Hollywood film “Word Trade Center”, directed by Oliver Stone and starring Nicolas Cage. To be employed on such a high profile production is a testament to his many talents. More recently, Fulcher Design has been involved in many different projects, each with its own unique focus as one would expect from a multidisciplinary firm. The most recent has been the partnership with, and redesign of, a luxury showroom which not only has a fresh new look but will now offer the bespoke fittings that set a Fulcher Design apart from