Autumn 2021

20 Jul21719 Haute Couture Real Estate Being ‘Spain's Most Outstanding Luxury Real Estate Company’ in the year of 2021, SUBLICASA has been proving how much it has earned this title since its inception. With a strong online presence, and demonstratable in-depth knowledge of the Spanish regions in which it works, it promises the highest standards of custom real estate and even custom-developed properties to its high-end clientele. A major real estate player with an unparalleled knowledge of the Spanish market, SUBLICASA has over 13 years of experience bringing something new and exciting to the real estate market. Above all else, it puts great value in its professionalism and efficiency, both of which together form the beating heart of its operation and have propelled it to greater heights of success, working with total transparency when it comes to serving its clientele. Each individual can expect a personalised, bespoke, and custom-made approach, handled with discretion and respect. Fundamentally, this has ensured that SUBLICASA’s services have become well known amongst the high- value property market, helping people from all over the world to find their dream Spanish home that is both the perfect property and the realisation of an optimal investment. In essence, its surety in how well it can serve each client, no matter their needs, comes from how it is built. The founders ensured that SUBLICASA’s team was cultivated specifically to be a team of experts, each of whom brings something invaluable to the table that gives the company a wide and deep perspective when it comes to property and investment, with creative minds that are adept at problem solving. This has allowed SUBLICASA to develop a reputation for being able to deliver comprehensive and dependably excellent services despite how different each client is, happily working with the wildly different variables presented by each case. Based in Costa Blanca – one of the most sought-after regions of Spain – its real estate covers both this area and the famous Costa del Sol, providing luxury real estate brokerage from new-build apartments to beach-side residences. Furthermore, its team’s working methods are proven, innovative, and focused; this has allowed it to achieve a stunning 100% customer satisfaction rate with guaranteed outstanding customer service at ever turn, before, during, and after the process. Its 360-degree approach guides a client from start to finish with a step-by-step methodology so that they can keep as close an eye on the proceedings as they wish, happy to work around the busy schedules and lives of the individuals they serve in order to build long lasting and highly beneficial relationships with its clientele. This development of trust – further bolstered by the attitude of it being a company of consultants, not salespeople – can help a client rest assured that it will only ever be working hard to meet and exceed their specific expectations instead of trying to upsell them. Its after-hours service also grants a client peace of mind as SUBLICASA’s exemplary consultants can be reached at any hour of the day with any comments, queries, or concerns. Additionally, its expert advisors will always work hard to clear these up comprehensively, something that had brought this company even more goodwill from its market over the past year, handling the challenges of the pandemic with sophistication in order to continue serving its customers. This secured it 2 international awards, allowed it to further promote its online marketing strategy through its new online platform, and encouraged its development of a plan for the future that will benefit all who do business with it in the coming years, its team ready and waiting to help clients present and future in securing their dream home. Company: SUBLICASA SL Contact: Tania Colman Website: