Autumn 2021

Mar21294 Fill The SkiesWith Magic Is there anything more mysterious than fireworks? How do they come to life? Are they put together in some hidden cave by a mythical wizard using ancient traditions, or devised by the brightest and best that science has to offer? Fortunately at LUXlife, we know how the best firework displays are made. Named Best Fireworks Display Specialists – England in the LUXlife Global Wedding Awards 2021, the team at Illusion Fireworks have made their name in the field. We take a closer look to discover more. There’s more than an element of magic within the art of creating a fireworks display, and no team understands this better than that of Illusion Fireworks. For many years now, the team has gone above and beyond in the creation of truly breath-taking visual iconography that has stuck in the hearts and minds of all who have seen it. For an experience that encompasses all the senses, there is simply nothing finer. The team is powered by a pure passion for pyrotechnics, allowing them to create the best possible fireworks displays with the minimum of compromise. On your big day, have a big display to showcase your love and affection for all to see. Thanks to the team from Illusion Fireworks, you can create an event that is perfectly tailored to what you need. What this team love more than anything else is a challenge. Since opening their doors for the first time, Illusion Fireworks have become regarded as both British Firework Champions and British Musical Firework Champions. Their work is not simply limited to the ideas created for visual spectacle, but they thrive on being able to create a truly multimedia experience. The team’s knowledge of how to choreograph to music is simply unparalleled in the industry, and the main reason that they are in such high demand. Every display is custom-designed to reflect the needs of the customer. The team are able to incorporate all those personal details that make something very special indeed. From the initial ideas and concepts, through to the colours and effects chosen, the Illusion Fireworks team are some of the best collaborators in the business, committed to delivering a service that is second to none. On your special day, a visit from Illusion Fireworks can see the skies filled with magic, transformed into bursts of colour, flashes of energy and a display of power that simply won’t be forgotten. Their passion for bringing your dreams to life is what makes them so special and why they are in such high demand. With results that are the envy of every competitor, they’re the perfect choice for your perfect day. Company: Illusion Fireworks Name: Karl Mitchell-shead Email: [email protected]