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Sofi Bajor, Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Editor’s Letter Autumn 2022 Hello and welcome to the Autumn 2022 issue of LUXlife! As the season changes again, we welcome the longer nights, our favourite comfort foods, and crisp leaves that will fall soon. With a change of season there comes a shift within all of us. We look forward to a time of contemplation, further development of plans, and all of the times of togetherness that ride upon the crisp air. Here we would like to celebrate and congratulate these luxury businesses that have been providing us with delicious food, restful resorts, dazzling real estate, sumptuous spas, and much more. It is imperative that we rest, recuperate, and enjoy our time on this planet – for our minds, bodies, and souls. We can utilise these places and services for ourselves, or as gifts to our loved ones. And we are so excited to show you more within this issue. With a rise in the need for luxury items, eco-friendly products, and outstanding experiences that create memories spanning our lifetimes, we rely on businesses such as these. It is with great pleasure that we present them to you. As the season swings to another, we are happy to be able to share ideas for enjoyment and opportunities of luxury that will impact lives around the globe. Here at LUXlife we sincerely wish you a beautiful couple of months ahead, and we are excited to see what they bring for all of us. We will see you again shortly. Leading Artisan Bathroom Manufacturer, 2022

Contents 4. News 6. Retreat To Beauty Tawillah Milton Luxury Retreat 7. Most Nurturing Independent KS1-4 School - London St Dunstan's College 8. Most Innovative Contemporary Furniture Designer, 2022 – Saudi Arabia ARD Fine Furniture 9. Thailand's Best Luxury Getaway, 2022 The Resort Villa 10. Most Charming Countryside Hotel of the Year - Portugal Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel 11. Taking Charge Of The Future Pillars Preparatory Academy 12. 2022's Most Outstanding Luxury Real Estate Company, Switzerland LUXURY778 13. Best High-End Interior Design Firm, 2022 - Riyadh Arwa Designs 14. Best All-Inclusive Hotel & Spa 2022 - Barbados O2 Beach Club & Spa 15. Best Traditional Co-Educational School - Kenya Pembroke House 16. Leading Artisan Bathroom Manufacturer, 2022 Lusso Stone 17. Best Skin Treatment & Hair Removal Salon - West London The Well Notting Hill 18. Health and Harmony New York Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center 19. Best Luxury Boutique Hotel & Beach Resort 2022 - Quintana Roo Kasa Hotel Riviera Maya 20. Best Upscale Day Spa 2022 - Central Texas European Day Spa of Fredericksburg 22. Best Luxury Health & Wellbeing Retreat 2022 Clinique La Prairie Spa Wellness Center 23. Best Luxury Island Retreat 2022 - Southeast USA South Seas Island Resort 24. Best Luxury Hotel & Spa - South Africa Houghton Hotel 25. Winner's Listing Contents 10. 14. 13.

Rapidly Growing Global Sneaker Platform the Edit LDN Enters the Metaverse with Bloktopia The Edit LDN has grown 525% growth every year since 2020 & on track to deliver another 500% growth in the next 12 months, making it the UK’s no1 sneaker destination for servicing a global audience. The high-end global marketplace for sneakers, The Edit LDN is progressing into the metaverse by creating a premium store within Bloktopia’s crypto paradise. London-based founder Moses Rashid entered the brand into Harrods in October of 2021, but is now taking the sneaker community to the next stage in their purchasing journey for luxury products by setting up shop virtually. “We clearly see a trend that luxury brands need a Web3 strategy, and for us, this feels like a natural fit. We're finding our audience is more digitally focussed, has an interest in Crypto and NFTs, and an increasing desire to attain product in different ways. Our partnership with Bloktopia is our first big step to executing our vision of being the most innovative player in the market ” said Moses Rashid, founder of The Edit LDN. Moses launched the business in January 2020, and has scaled the company to new heights with a 525% growth from Y1 to Y2 & on track to deliver another 500% growth in Y3, making The Edit LDN the UK’s no1 sneaker destination for servicing a global audience. Streetwear retailers have in recent years increasingly launched limited editions of some of their products—sneakers, but also other clothing. A number of designer labels have followed suit. That has spawned big business in the resale market, with buyers snapping up in-demand products and selling them on at a profit. Despite the higher price tag - consumers are falling over themselves to be the first to own the hottest drops. The Edit LDN have deep rooted relationships across this market to provide the most limited and exclusive items for their customers at lightning speed, plus with commercial partnerships with Harrods & Threads Styling, it’s like buying from any other store except the higher quality in customer service. For those who have been sleeping on web3, the Metaverse is the bridge between physical and virtual worlds within the decentralised and open source virtual world. Cryptographic protocols will emerge for managing digital value, for example, digital art, real estate & advertising space. The facilitators that make this happen will be NFT’s on the Blockchain allowing for affordable and rapid transactions. Bloktopia, is a VR Skyscraper made up of 21 levels to pay recognition to 21 million Bitcoin. It contains everything that anyone will ever need to know about the benefits and pitfalls of Cryptocurrency, Blockchains and NFTs. Built in the Unity gaming engine on Web3 technology, the Bloktopia metaverse is the next iteration of the internet, allowing users to achieve anything that can be done in the real world. It is focused on social connection, but without the boundaries of geographical location. Its visitors will learn about crypto from trusted sources like University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies. They will be able to earn cryptocurrency, play games, socialise with friends, be creative and buy things they desire. Bloktopia launched its token $BLOK in late 2021, and took the crypto sector by storm, claiming the most successful launch of the year - returning over 1000x for early investors. And with an organic following into the millions, when the metaverse goes live, expected later this year, it will become an entertainment destination of choice for many. Ross Tavakoli, CEO of Blocktopia, said: “As a big sneakerhead myself, we’re really pleased to be able to partner with the UK’s number 1 sneaker destination, Edit LDN. Fortnite makes $2m a day from in-app purchases like skins (digital clothing) for avatars. Bloktopia will offer a different, interoperable option. Allowing the purchase of digital wearables, in this case sneakers, through an NFT function which means they won’t be restricted to just our metaverse, and can be worn across hundreds of games and other metaverses. That makes the fashion industry and the metaverse such a good fit, as it creates a whole new income stream for our partners like Edit LDN. The customer can also be sent the sneakers physically too.” The meshing of these two worlds go hand in hand - consumers are just as likely to purchase the hottest garms for their avatar as they are themselves. It’s also about two companies, passionate about what they do - Rashid being a sneaker collector himself and Tavakoli adopting this space as early as 2015, both entities are disruptors in their own space and early adopters of web3 and NFT’s will be quick to jump on this. The possibilities for this partnership are endless, as the metaverse changes and evolves so does the sneaker world. Bloktopians will be able to purchase an ‘Edit LDN’ sneaker NFT for their avatar and then receive an in hand sneaker for themselves. This is yet another step in Moses Rashid’s plan for The Edit to become ‘the Amazon of the sneaker world’, after just launching The Edit’s same day service which is a resale first. Moses Rashid added: “We live in the Amazon age of Now, so we’ve focussed our business on ensuring the supply chain works quickly and scale on a global level. This is a real game-changer for a market that traditionally took 2-4 weeks for product to arrive. Looking forward, we see customers interacting with the shopping experience in different & interesting ways. With this in mind, The Edit LDN will be the bridge for both the physical and virtual worlds, through Sneakers ”

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 5 Subtle Notes Out, Bold Flavors In? When seltzers began sweeping the market a few years ago, they were capitalizing on demand for gentle, nuanced flavor profiles — hints of citrus and aromas of melon you found in sparkling beverages like Lacroix Group (EPA: LACR) or hard seltzers like White Claw. Now, some brands are reportedly differentiating themselves in a crowded seltzer market by moving toward bigger, single-note flavors that are more distinctive but still familiar. In February, for example, PepsiCo Inc. (NASDAQ: PEP) partnered with Boston Beer Company Inc. (NYSE: SAM) to begin slowly rolling out hard Mountain Dew, an alcoholic version of some of the brand’s most successful flavors, to capitalize on this shift toward bolder but still familiar flavors. The news of the hard mountain dew launch came just months after Boston Beer’s sales of its Truly Hard Seltzer, a subtler seltzer, tanked in 2021. Similarly, Splash Beverage Group (NYSEAMERICAN: SBEV) reported that its sales skyrocket 71% year over year last summer of its Pulpoloco Sangria, the company’s wine cocktail featuring fresh, fruity flavors and bold spices infused in authentic Spanish wines. The “bold yet refreshing” sangria is sold in eco-friendly and portable packaging, capitalizing on other beverage trends, which makes the company optimistic that this summer will see a similar boost to the brand’s sales. The new biodegradable cans are made from 8 layers of paper, making them sturdy yet environmentally conscientious. Quality and Simplicity In Ingredients As younger drinkers shift toward drinking less than older consumers, they’re also seemingly placing increased importance on the ritual and indulgence of the experience. That is, when they do drink, they want quality ingredients and beverages that are free of artificial additives. They want distinctive beverages they can savor. That may be leading to a rise in natural flavor additives and premium ingredients. SALT Tequila, for example, is made from 100% blue agave plants, cultivated for 7 to 10 years before harvesting. Each of the three flavored tequilas uses natural ingredients to infuse those notes of citrus, berry or chocolate. On-the-Go Packaging As temperatures climb, pandemic-weary Americans are clamoring to make up for lost time by getting outdoors and meeting friends for new adventures. A 2022 Trends Report released by Viator revealed that 48% of all bookings made on the site last year were outdoor experiences, a major increase compared to 2019. The largest growth was seen in water sports, which rose 311% over 2019 levels as well as sailing and boating, which rose 122%. Those trends reveal an interest in experiences that balance adventure with leisure — lounging on the deck of a sailboat as you hop from island to island or relaxing on the beach after an afternoon riding jet skis. That uptick in leisurely outdoor adventures is also reportedly driving demand for more portable packaging for premium beverages. Some consumers say they want a sense of luxury and quality but also the convenience of single-serving containers and lighter-weight alternatives to glass bottles. The 2021 launch of Copa di Vino, singleservings of premium Oregon wines, hopes to help answer that demand with a 100% recyclable plastic package that comes with a splash-proof lid. The packaging is meant to allow consumers to toss wine in their bags for a hike or beach day without worrying about corkscrews or packing extra glasses.

6 Jul22015 Retreat To Beauty Do you want to get away from it all? To find a place that’s all your own? For those who want a taste of the countryside without losing the lustre of the beach, the only spot is Tawillah Milton Luxury Retreat. In the Resort and Retreat Awards 2022 from LUXlife, the team were awarded the title of Best Countryside Couples Retreat - South East NSW. We look more closely to discover more about what draws people to this iconic location. On one side, the windswept beaches of Mollymook and Narrawallee and on the other, The Morton and Budawang National Parks and Ranges. Tawillah Milton Luxury Retreat stands between the two. It’s the space where the hills meet the sea. From this incredible spot, you can see all of the magic of the region and you can appreciate what it means to escape to a world where life genuinely is slower than you might think. On the inside, the accommodation is some of the most sublime in the industry. With space only for one couple, this countryside retreat offers the chance to get to know each other better than ever before. With neutral and airy tones, it’s the perfect spot to kick back, relax and enjoy the simpler pleasures in life. Here at Tawillah Milton Luxury Retreat, the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area means that a humble book and a glass of wine is all you really need to feel at home. Tawillah Milton Luxury Retreat is a converted dairy and stables, now perfectly adapted for the needs of those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This rural environment offers the opportunity for privacy that people used to have, with all the modern conveniences you might expect. This is the sort of place where you might commune with nature, taking an evening to sit on the large deck and embrace the possibilities of the outside. For those who are thinking of travelling a little further afield, the beautiful historical village of Milton offers a charming alternative to the rat race. This incredible town has numerous restaurants, cafes, fashion houses and antique shops to draw people in, each with its own inimitable way of working. Unlike many getaways that promise to be isolated, this offers the best of both worlds through the isolated retreat nestled in the heart of the country, whilst being near enough to the rest of the world to make it a destination in and of itself. When people think of a quiet getaway, they should always aim for the service and hospitality offered by Tawillah Milton. The secret to the firm’s success though, is that it can offer unparalleled solitude whilst also offering the height of luxury. When we think of Australia’s beautiful sights, it’s worth thinking how nestled between the land and the sea is a Retreat committed to providing the ultimate in quality. We celebrate the team’s success and look forward to seeing progress over the coming months. The South Coast has some of the most beautiful sights in Australia in easy reach – this is a team that made it possible for more people than ever to truly appreciate them. Company: Tawillah Milton Luxury Retreat Name: Anna Crealy Phone: +61418 450 268 Address: 206 Wilfords Lane, Milton NSW 2538, Australia Email: [email protected] Web Address: Instagram: Tawillah_miltonluxuryretreat

7 May22259 Most Nurturing Independent KS1-4 School - London Being a home for ambitious, forward-thinking, and driven young people, St Dunstan's College provides a place of safety, security, and fostered curiosity for its students. Throughout their time at the College, parents can rest assured that their child will be learning only the best and most helpful things to set them up for their future lives, both in a career sense and in a personal sense, working on boosting their academic prowess, social skills, and burgeoning confidence. St Dunstan's College, a values-driven educational provider, is a school for key stages 1 through 4. Nominally, its curriculum is one of diversity and excellence delivered by the most dedicated staff in order to help its students absorb the lessons within in such a way that is actionable in their lives and allows each of them to grow in academic and personal maturity. The senior school curriculum, built on the legacy of its first four headmasters, is one dedicated to the advancement of the present time – or to keeping itself contemporary – meaning that this is a school that will always be teaching itself new tricks as well as maintaining the excellence of years past. This melding of traditional and modernity means that students receive the best of both worlds, with its Hecker curriculum providing a strong 17 subject diversity of education, running throughout lower school in order to enable a child’s full and unabated curiosity to be unlocked. Moreover, its Usherwood programme – underpinned by its centre of wellbeing – aids them in developing their pastoral skills and wellbeing, fostering a proactive approach to mental and physical health that a student will be able to take with them even outside of the school grounds. Its Stuart Additional Curriculum, another offering that sets it apart from its peers, focuses on the skills that a child would need in such contexts. With classes on sex education, future skills, critical thinking, and public debate, lessons delivered in class also include topics such as conflict resolution and personal finance so that a student has a well-developed toolkit below their belts by the time they leave. Thus, with the Forder Programme allowing the students to take control over their own academic career and wider school in a holistic sense suits independent, precocious, and goal-oriented students. With more than 150 activities offered each day, its south-east London location and vibrant attitude all allow it to become a critical cornerstone to personal development for each young person who walks through its doors, cherishing its diversity of pupils and everything that each of them bring to the school. Recently, with a Diapason launched in 2021, increased personal safety measures, new STEM block and sixth form centre, and renewed dedication to the college parliament, it is proud to announce its recent win of the Tes Award and opening of a brand-new theatre. This, and so much more, promise to keep this school as one of the foremost educational providers in the UK. As it moves forward, it plans to keep pushing forward with each of these initiatives and its rewilding scheme, forever proud of the student sustainability committee that has grown to prominence within its walls. Company: St Dunstan's College Contact: Jordan-Lee Squibb Website:

8 Jun22666 Most Innovative Contemporary Furniture Designer, 2022 – Saudi Arabia A true collaboration between the provider of furniture and accessories and the customer, where both have an equal say in the design and craft of the final product, is a precious experience. It is an experience that all customers of ARD Fine Furniture will be familiar with. For it crafts bespoke and gorgeous additions to any space that are all individually tailored to meet the needs of its customers. Launched in 2019, ARD Fine Furniture creates luxury pieces of furniture and other accessories. It delivers the highest quality products with opulent finishes and sophisticated designer furniture to uplift customers’ residences and commercial projects. Its collection combines the finest quality wood, leather and finishes to create modern and glamorous furniture, all tailored to its customer’s needs. What differentiates ARD furniture is its broad scope of tailored services, allowing it to forge a collaborative relationship with customers. It hosts a stylish collection of sofas and armchairs alongside tables, dining sets, bedroom furniture and various additional items designed to be unmistakable but not gaudy or obstructive. Once customers pick their favourite style and piece from its collection, it is up to them to decide how they need ARD to enhance the item. From here, ARD leaves the decision in its customer’s hands on the specifics of the item’s aesthetics through the choice of colours and materials, while the dedicated ARD design team assists them with every question they have and in finalising their orders and selections. From the wood, marble, fabric, and other detailed finishes, ARD crafts breath-taking designs and then leaves customers to dictate the finishing touches. This collaboration allows customers to ensure that what they purchase perfectly aligns with their needs and aesthetics; each customer receives a tailor-made piece every time. The stark difference in approach that ARD Fine Furniture takes in the face of other similar providers is novel and refreshing. Its focus on providing just enough to entice its customer’s senses whilst leaving the final details and touches to their imaginations is a genius model that has translated to high success and customer satisfaction. It has also translated into the award for Most Innovative Contemporary Furniture Designer of 2022 for Saudi Arabia; there is no doubt that its bespoke service will draw in even more success and acclaim. Contact: Jobelle Olivarez Company: ARD Fine Furniture Web Address:

9 Apr22499 334 M 3, KRAM, KLAENG RAYONG, THAILAND 21190 WWW.THERESORTVILLA.COM [email protected] 092-9248975 THAILAND'S BEST LUXURY GETAWAY, 2022

10 Jul22282 Guests can also dedicate days to total rest and rejuvenation, whether with a Relaxation Massage or a Therapeutic Massage. The Relaxation Massage uses gentle, luxurious techniques to submerge the guest into total bliss that will leave the body feeling more balanced and relaxed, eliminating stress, fatigue and anxiety. The Therapeutic Massage allows guests to enjoy a moment of emotional relaxation while simultaneously enhancing their muscle tone, increasing their flexibility, and stimulating their blood circulation. This can be for a specific purpose or simply to boost overall wellbeing. In between relaxing at the hotel, guests aren’t short of things to do, including horseback rides, hiking, bicycle rides, and playing tennis. Journey through vast open space on a tame, easy-to-ride horse; trek on foot among the fauna and flora; or bicycle along the trails on the Alentejo plain, taking in the purity of the air, the trees, the mountains, the birds, and the sea. When not adventuring through the surrounding nature, a game of tennis or padel can be played on the nearby courts. Then, about 25 minutes away from the hotel is the largest expanse of beaches in the country and the third largest in the world, with crystal clear waters and golden sands making up a jaw-dropping coastal landscape. Travellers can discover the likes of Aberta Nova beach, Comporta beach, Carvalhal beach, Pego beach, Galé beach, Tróia beach, Bico das Lulas beach, Melides beach, and São Torpes beach. For those who have a curiosity for exploring local culture, they can discover treasures and stories, traditions, art and craftmanship which mirror the souls of people or even civilisations of times passed. The region’s charming little towns and cities are bursting at the seams with historical housing, churches, castles and monuments, and also offer the opportunity to join festivals and pilgrimages in order to authentically experience the rich culture of Alentejo. Ultimately, Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel is a true gem, as are its surrounding areas. From plenty of opportunities to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the hotel, to getting out and exploring the most breath-taking natural landscapes and locations – A stay at Sobreiras will certainly be one to remember for all the right reasons. Don’t take our word for it. One traveller who stayed at the hotel shared their favourite parts: “Spacious bedroom. Amazing breakfast and very tasty. Very nice and caring staff. All five stars. I recommend 100%.” Someone else said, “Spectacular hotel. Top staff. Stunning scenery. 100% recommend.” Another said, “Nice and quiet location. Super friendly staff. A place to come back to. I recommend. Five stars.” Company: Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel Contact: Reception Email: [email protected] Website: Only an hour away from Lisbon, a few minutes from Grândola village, and in close proximity to the Alentejo coast, Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel is completely inspired by the stunning nature that surrounds it. It is a location perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of the countryside, the purity of nature, and the peace and quiet. The hotel’s 22 rooms and two suites are fully equipped and provide ultimate comfort and privacy with contemporary, tasteful and spacious design. Each has a private terrace which enables guests to enjoy magnificent views lined with cork oak and pine trees and majestic mountains. The hotel even features fibre optic internet access throughout for guests’ total convenience, being the only hotel on the Alentejo coast to do so. We also have two high-performance chargers for electric cars, which can be used by our guests free of charge. The Sobreiras villa is also an option for up to eight people to stay, with three suites and a private pool, perfectly integrating with the landscape and allowing a full communion with nature, while making guests feel at home. All guests have access to the Sobrieras infinity pool, inviting them in for a swim with a view, or to perhaps sunbathe on a lounger, enjoy a cooling drink in the shade of a tree, or read a book on a hammock. Beside the pool is the Sobreiras Restaurant and Bar terrace, a very short distance to go for a drink or a light meal. Guests can tuck into mouth-wateringly Alentejo cuisine while worshipping the sun, taking in the landscape, or admiring the immaculately starry sky. Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel is a charming pet-friendly hotel offering a unique experience of leisure and tranquillity. A piece of architecture that is simple and elegant in its design, as well as respectful and adapted to its natural surroundings, Sobreiras blends effortlessly into the beautiful Alentejo landscape and allows guests to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. Most Charming Countryside Hotel of theYear - Portugal

11 May22415 Taking Charge Of The Future Our education has an overwhelming impact on who we are and how we live. The right schooling doesn’t just provide an environment where we can thrive, but one which shapes how we approach our lives. In the Private Education Awards from LUXlife, the team at Pillars Preparatory Academy earned the title of Most Nurturing PK-12 Islamic Learning Environment - Central New Jersey because their attitude to education considers its fullest impact. We take a closer look as they celebrate their success. When preparing a generation of students for the challenges that are to come, academic excellence is only part of the parcel. The work of any educational institution is not purely to provide the knowledge on which a life can be built, but to play a crucial role in shaping the direction of that life. In collaboration with students and parents, the team at Pillars Prep promise to provide a learning experience that takes a holistic approach. Those who are lucky enough to attend this new educational establishment find themselves in a safe and nurturing Islamic learning environment conducive to attaining academic excellence. The skills learned at Pillars Prep are perfectly matched to the way in which many will continue to learn beyond the boundaries of the schoolyard, with the team instilling a passion for learning and research. This approach is crucial to how the team operates, allowing individuals to take charge of their own futures as far as possible. The ultimate aim of the team has always been to provide a place where people can grow and flourish, eventually growing into citizens who will continue to be productive members of society. The instillation of these beliefs as early as possible is essential to making life as easy as possible for all. With growth being such an important factor in the success of Pillars Prep, it’s little wonder they place a great deal of importance on the curriculum and assessment of what has been learned. Standardised teams are administered three times a year to track student progress in the essential fields of English Language, Math and Science. This data not only allows the team to track their students’ progress, but to ensure that their approach to teaching is making a real impact. The reputation that Pillars Prep has earned in a short space reflects the determined attitude of the teaching staff at the heart of the organisation. They want to collaborate with every part of their students’ lives to ensure that they are having the maximum possible impact. This has inspired the team to provide a service that reaches through a child’s life. From the early days of nursery through to college admission, the Pillars Prep team are by your child’s side, supporting them through the good times and the bad. Even in an infant class, your tiny tot will have access to one-to-one support from their teachers to guide the development of the mental process. Good habits established at an early age make a real impact later on in life. The success of Pillars Prep really speaks for itself, with the team offering the students in their care an incredible opportunity. We celebrate their tremendous success and look forward to seeing what they do next! Company: Pillars Preparatory Academy Name: Rehab Abouseada Email: [email protected]


13 Jun22601 Best High-End Interior Design Firm, 2022 – Riyadh The competition is fierce in the interior design industry and studios must know their strengths. In Arwa Designs’ case, it consistently leverages years of professional experience to deliver exclusive design services. Although it remains mindful of the competition, its true focus is on passionately creating timeless designs that inspire all. Established in Riyadh in 2014, Arwa Designs provides distinct interior design work that integrates local, American, and European styles and designs into its extensive brand. Its work is delivered through a full design, consultation or material appointment service tailored to its clients’ needs. Its bespoke and broad service has inspired incredible customer loyalty, all whilst forging a worldwide brand. There are many factors to the success that Arwa enjoys: on a more practical end, you can point to the generous size and scope of the studio with the extensive resources its design team has at its disposal. For example, it hosts one of the largest fabric and finish libraries in Saudi Arabia and an in-house carpentry – with over 20 years of experience. It specialises in manufacturing high-quality and uniquely designed furniture. But a larger boon is the studio’s mentality towards its work as it approaches each assignment with a healthy dose of passion and empathy. Arwa currently handles residential, commercial, and government projects and, regardless of the project’s nature, focuses on understanding and putting itself in its client’s position. It accomplishes this by forging strong channels of communication. Its goal is to assure each client it is always aware of their needs and to truly understand what they want – right down to the minute details. Arwa’s ability to fulfil its clients’ needs rests solely on the skills and expertise of its team. It has built a highly qualified and dedicated team with a wealth of passion and care for detail. The Arwa team is multidisciplinary and consists of experienced and talented designers, architects, project coordinators – as well as an operation team that is well coordinated, diligent and efficient. The main qualities it looks for in recruits are flexible team players with an eagerness to learn who demonstrate accountability, leading to a fully engaged team with every project. Arwa’s staff are fully committed and enthusiastic about their designated tasks, contribute significantly to achieving their goals and meet deadlines. It’s group of talented professionals collaborate when needed and perform well in their roles. The team’s ability to work effectively and efficiently to the extent it does is one key to its success. Their ideas, concepts, and research flow to form a greater final product than the sum of its collective parts. This culminates in clients receiving the best possible value in its project solutions. Value engineering is one of the challenges in this field, as it takes place after the project’s detailed design process has been submitted. The team is laser focussed on this point, however, keeping it in mind throughout the design process and putting it into practice to ensure the client’s needs (from aesthetics to budget) are handled. An example is how Arwa finds and suggests substitutions for higher design costs, all to provide quality outcomes at a lower price. Arwa Designs fast approaches a decade in business, and the studio has a lot to show for its hard work thus far. Its portfolio showcases the elegant results of its hard work. The trust and reputation it has garnered – as well as the passion and skill of its teams – is how it stands as 2022’s Best High-End Interior Design Firm for Riyadh. Its work is a testament to some of the best in the interior design industry, and its work is a treat to behold. Contact: Arwa Alshathri Company: Arwa Designs Web Address:

14 Jun22521 Best All-Inclusive Hotel & Spa 2022 - Barbados With 1000 feet of beach, beautiful oceanic views, and exemplary boutique accommodations, the O2 Beach Club & Spa has won both the above award and the ‘LUXlife Customer Service Award 2022’ for the region of Barbados. Its contemporary flair and high standards of comfort have propelled it into the spotlight, and it has been kept there by outstandingly personalised service, modern rooms, and sumptuous food and drink. This exclusive, secluded, and truly beatific beachside holiday resort grants its guests the experience of a beach and waterfront like no other. Thus, the O2 Beach Club & Spa has already achieved great acclaim in its industry despite the youth of the establishment, earning its five-star rating for the excellence of its all-inclusive resort thanks to its brilliant customer service, modern design, and ability to grant all its guests the most perfect Barbados experience. By operating in this manner, the past year has seen it win two awards with flying colours, with its accommodations and spa offerings both growing in renown in its region’s hospitality and tourism sector simply by continuing to operate in a diligent and professional manner. Bringing Bajan culture to the fore is the beating heart of the O2 Beach Club & Spa. From the design and art to its food, drink, and spa treatments, it has infused itself with local culture and tradition, and makes itself a partner to its region by promoting curated adventures all over the island as well as internal activities. In this way, it supports the wider tourism industry of its region, making local businesses a part of its own inclusive experience. Thus, it can offer more generous luxury inclusions than many of its peers, allowing the enjoyment of eateries, cocktails, sailing, mixology, Bajan cooking, and the game of dominos for a guest to fully immerse themselves in. Its Luxury Concierge is always ready to receive and serve the guests of O2 Beach Club & Spa, allowing them to be truly pampered throughout their stay; and in between panoramic ocean views, wellness through water, and Bajan Hammam experiences, guests can swim in its trio of luxury pools, rest on the roof top pool, or enjoy the adults only river pool and bar. The resort also offers whirlpools on the sun terrace, and the food it serves mingles European fusion with Caribbean vibes, as well as exclusive dining experiences after long days of adventure. These adventures can involve a luscious catamaran cruise, a 4x4 jeep safari, scuba diving, island exploration, golf, or horseback riding. Inspired by water – and fuelled by passion – O2 Beach Club & Spa invites all of its clients to ‘breathe it all in’, looking forward to welcoming many more people through its doors as it moves towards the future. Company: O2 Beach Club & Spa Contact: Manty Atherton Website:

15 Jun22296 Boasting a 95-year history in providing quality private education in East Africa, Pembroke House School’s focus is on developing wellrounded, happy, independent, polite, and confident pupils through the British Common Entrance curriculum. Its children go on to study at top international schools in the UK, Kenya, and all over the world, with a high percentage achieving scholarships and awards. At Pembroke, the welfare, safety, happiness, and security of its children is paramount. Its vision is to bring out the best in every child, both in and out of the classroom. Its motivation is to provide a small family atmosphere which ensures each child receives the personal, individualised attention they need, while instilling its values of dignity, duty, and constancy. The school strongly believes that the ‘Pembroke Spirit’ is something to be valued and nurtured. Pembroke welcomes all children, too, including those with special educational needs. Its specialist Learning Support department ensures each child’s specific learning needs are recognised early on and provides them with all the support that they require. This includes pupils with physical disabilities, provided the site can accommodate them – This can be discussed with parents to ensure the school can cater for the child. The Pembroke House School story began in 1927 when Harold Turner founded the school and named it after the Cambridge College he attended. He conducted it, from the outset, as a conventional British preparatory school, and this tradition has remained ever since. Mr Turner purchased an unfinished farmhouse and 120 acres just outside of Gilgil from Captain Alan Gibson, whose plan to farm flax had failed. The original building now sits at the heart of the school buildings, which have undergone a huge number of changes since Pembroke’s inception. For starters, the roads saw improvement, which helped to increase the number of sporting fixtures and develop the sporting prowess for which the school has become renowned. Then there was the building of the Christina Chapel by the pupils in the 1950s, with its size determined by all the boys sitting in the proposed space and measuring around them. In 1988 came the introduction of girls to Pembroke, after it was recognised that this would contribute to the school’s long-term viability. There have also been constant additions and improvements to the school’s buildings, including the development of a dedicated science laboratory, STEAM centre, music school, theatre, and cafe, all of which are valuable in enriching each child’s learning experience. Additionally, the development of the pre-prep came in recent years, which has proved to be hugely popular with local parents and contributed significantly to EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) learning and pupils’ integration into the school from an early age. Children at Pembroke House School benefit from an inspiring and varied educational experience that sets them up to go far. One of the school’s greatest assets is its broad-ranging curriculum; from an early age, children take part in a mix of subjects and opportunities to meet different learning styles and interests, including sport (including tennis, squash, rugby, netball, swimming, football, gymnastics, and more), arts (including rhythm and dance, music, drama, art, and pottery), STEAM, design technology, and adventure learning. Pembroke wants its children to be challenged academically, but also to be exposed to non-academic subjects that give them a break from the traditional pencil and paper disciplines, and appeal to more kinaesthetic learners. This includes taking the children out on exciting school trips to destinations such as Maasai Mara, Bobong, Naivasha, Ol Pejeta, Mt Kenya, Sagana and The Milgis. Children can find themselves on safari, white water rafting, learning about tracker dogs, camel riding, swimming in lakes, fishing, or trekking. These trips are diverse and interesting and often focus on conservation efforts and community enterprises. In addition, the school holds camping trips in its forestry for every year group from year 1 to 8, providing fun experiences with night time games, sitting around the campfire, and spending time with friends. Alongside trips, Pembroke offers extra-curricular activities to its pupils, which are led by trained professionals, whether internal staff or peripatetic teachers who travel to the school each week. These do incur a cost, but help develop and increase a child’s passion and interest in diverse areas such as riding, LAMDA, motorbike club, ballet, beading and knitting, taekwondo, woodwork, computer design, inline skating, polo, photography, fitness and shamba, as well as an array of sports. Indeed, there is something for everyone at Pembroke House School. As its 2018 SIS Inspection Report said, “The children work and play hard at Pembroke House; they have fun and make friends for life”, and it is always looking to expand its family! Company: Pembroke House Email: [email protected] Website: Located about 2.5 hours north of Nairobi, Kenya, just outside of Gilgil is Pembroke House School (Pembroke), a unique 120-acre British boarding school including leading-edge facilities and plenty of space for its children to play. There are 198 children at the school, split equally between boys and girls aged 5 to 13 years, with over 50 of these children coming from countries all over Africa, as well as 40 pre-prep pupils aged 6 months to 4 years. Best Traditional Co-Educational School - Kenya

16 Jun22626 Leading Artisan Bathroom Manufacturer, 2022 The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to get right when buying, renovating, or building a home. A company like one of the UK’s fastest-growing luxury homeware brands, Lusso, is the one to call to ensure it’s done just right. From bombastic to low-key, every element of its collection will inject an undeniable air of luxury into any bathroom. Set up by current CEO Wayne Spriggs in 2014, Lusso was created to bridge the gap in the market for affordable luxury baths and basins without compromising on quality or aesthetics. It has seen phenomenal growth since its inception, now one of the UK’s fastest-growing luxury homeware brands, providing far more than bathtubs and basins in 2022. Lusso exclusively designs and manufactures a range of bathroom utilities, including vanity units, taps and showers, toilets countertops and many other hardware and accessories. It offers its products as standalone or complete suites, provided in various materials, colours, and finishes in styles reminiscent of British and Italian designs. Its products are tactile and contemporary – made for easy use and maintenance whilst maintaining the perfect balance of contemporary design with a natural, elegant feel. The pinnacle of this design philosophy is its sleek stone baths and spa-themed showers, designed to promote relaxation and indulgence – as each design is tailored to pamper. In addition to the designs are Lusso’s choice in materials, predominantly using natural materials in its collections. Its baths and basins are made from stone and marble, which are ethically sourced from suppliers. Committed to the sustainable use of quarry resources, Lusso does everything it can to ensure a greener future. Another example the wood it uses is FSC certified, meaning that it’s responsibly harvested. Lusso has spared no expense in providing its clients with the best and most sustainable products on the market. It caters to residential and commercial clients, ranging from homeowners renovating their bathrooms to larger-scale commercial clients such as property developers, interior designers, and architects. It has garnered a tremendous and prestigious reputation for products of exceptional quality with the expansion of its brand and repertoire and top-notch service. It is no surprise that Lusso has become a primary choice for many homeowners, property developers, and so on. The brand is synonymous with flawless craftsmanship, understated elegance, an outstanding customer experience, and just a glance at its range will show that. Due to its online-only model at the time, Lusso didn’t suffer the same effects as bricks and mortar retail stores. However, Lusso still boasts a solid online and in-person presence, and its reputation is still growing, all due to its excellent service not taking a hit – despite the changes in circumstances. Its team is recognised for its superb customer service online and offline. Lusso’s service includes an extensive one-on-one introduction to the brand for each customer, alongside an outstanding after-service. It has built close relationships with customers and clients worldwide, which is why its homeware can be found within some of the world’s most luxurious properties and hotels. These include Claridge’s and Connaught in London, Sugar Beach Resort in St Lucia and New York’s Equinox Hotel. These relationships exist because of Lusso’s tenacity and dedication to continue growing its business and providing the best service. Adding to this industry-renowned reputation and growing its workforce is the next step for Lusso, as well as using 2022 to continue expanding its collections. Planning is underway to open its first-ever showroom in the heart of London’s Mayfair – a district where its products can be found within neighbouring hotels. This is projected for Q4 or early 2023. Its intention is to allow locals (and those further afield) to come and experience its brand first-hand. Situated in one of London’s most affluent areas, it expects to draw in homeowners, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties in or around the industry. Lusso is the image of tailored luxury in bathrooms, providing precisely what any customer may be looking for in creating a beautiful space. From a setup for those looking for eye-catching, spa-like opulence in its Deco suite – finished in brushed gold – or those searching for a more subtle option can indulge in the dark colours of the sleek Zurra suite. That is unsurprising from a company named the Leading Artisan Bathroom Manufacturer for 2022; its collection is breathtaking. Contact: Sam Taylor Company: Lusso Web Address:

17 Jun22715 Best Skin Treatment & Hair Removal Salon -West London Recognising the need for an integrated holistic superclinic that grants clients the opportunity to take care of their aesthetic, rejuvenation, wellness, and beauty needs, The Well Clinic has made a name for itself with its holistic and deeply dedicated treatment regimen. Offering a huge range of different treatments that target a diversity of different challenges for its guests, each staff member, therapist, and practitioner works together to form a comprehensive wellness experience that delivers resultsdriven treatments and homecare without the gimmicks. With the customer always being kept at the heart of its operation, and a strict dedication to comprehensive beauty and wellness solutions, The Well’s reputation is something that has been built from the ground up out of trust and due diligence. Its staff, each of whom are passionate and determined individuals with a talent for teamwork, empathy, and discretion, boast a diversity of different treatment skills between them, all of which have they have been well trained in. Nominally, this means that its clients can always expect to find what they need, and can expect each of these services, treatments, and products to be delivered to the highest standards of excellence possible, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail that its staff champion. Hoping to help a client to achieve their best selves, its highly skilled medical aesthetics team, beauty therapists, wellness experts, and more each work in tandem to deliver results in a boutique space that exudes warmth and calmness. No matter what a client’s goals are, The Well’s driving force is to help them achieve these, catering to all manner of physical, spiritual, and emotional goals that they may be experiences, working with the utmost flexibility so that it can fit itself around its clients’ busy schedules. It strives to be a true home away from home for its clientele, creating a haven of wellness that operates with safety, ethics, and compassion. The discrete and professional service that results has endeared itself to a diversity of different clients, and its staff make this possible; each of them take a client from consultations all the way through medical history, bespoke treatment planning, and tailoring services to fit time and budget constraints. They also take pride in being able to constantly reassess data after every treatment in order to track progress, because progress is rarely linear, and treatment plans needs to be continuously reassessed. Through innovations in technology, unique treatment combination modalities, and consistently updating the training of its staff, The Well is at the forefront of the aesthetics industry. The resulting high standards are something that are implemented across everything it does, and something it always strives to improve. The Well maintains its place as one of the foremost holistic clinics, with a team that are excited to offer nonsurgical holistic wellness treatments. Company: The Well Notting Hill Contact: 02072212248 Website:

18 In the post-pandemic world, New York Ayurveda had to adjust to the new realities. It recently downsized its workspace, no longer feeling the need for a bigger space. Many people have moved out of the city or don’t like to leave their home as much as they did before the pandemic. However, at the same time, the company has found a new clientele who want to build strong immune systems and enjoy good health. Many people are suffering from long covid and experiencing a constant fatigue or insomnia and therefore its panchakarma (ayurveda detox program) is in more demand now. Nisha shares a few words on what her company hopes to achieve: “In order to properly see the effect of ayurveda in our daily life, it’s important to follow the ayurveda lifestyle, unique to our own constitutions and bodily needs. It’s our goal to train our clients to do so in a systematic manner. For instance, Pranayaam (breathing exercise) and meditation are important practices in the ayurvedic routine, and more so after covid. These practices keep us happy, healthy, and beautiful. We would like each of our clients to adopt these practices in their daily life and we are now offering this as part of the ayurvedic consultation and will continue to do so in the future too.” Company: New York Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center Contact: Nisha Saini Email: [email protected] Website: Aug22032 Health and Harmony New York Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center (New York Ayurveda) is one of the East Coast of America’s only full service ayurvedic wellness centres that specializes in ayurvedic constitutional evaluation, panchkarma therapies, and several herbal treatments such as abhyanga, marma, shirodhara, bastis, facial treatments and lots more with a purpose to achieve overall health management. All these treatments are based on ancient principles of ayurveda. Recognised by LUXlife magazine as New York’s Most Outstanding Ayurvedic Treatment Center, 2022, we take a closer look. New York Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center’s mission is to offer ayurvedic treatments that can easily slot into its clients’ schedules, budgets, and lifestyles. These services are available to persons of ages 12 and upwards, with clients coming from diverse walks of life, for instance, executives, tech people, office workers, models, singers, actors, housewives, athletes, college students, retired men and women, and sometimes even younger school students. Right from the beginning, our team’s mantra has been to provide authentic ayurvedic services using real ayurvedic ingredients (oils, herbs, etc.). Its doctors and therapists are well trained and specialize in these treatments. They have immense knowledge and thus, offer clients a great insight into the treatments they are receiving. President of the company, Nisha Saini experienced ayurveda in her everyday life while she was living in India. In New York, too, she leads a wholesome ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda is Nisha’s passion; it is no wonder that she has opened her treatment centre to provide authentic ayurveda and yogic services in order to help clients achieve the perfect balance between health and harmony. New York Ayurveda also carries traditional ayurvedic herbal formulations, herbal teas, oils, and organic ayurvedic skincare products that can be used in conjunction with managing overall health. The company is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of its clients with the help of its therapies and products which are customised to suit individual needs. None of what New York Ayurveda does could be possible without its staff, who are its backbone. Each staff member is equally passionate about the company’s offering and comes with a background in holistic health or ayurveda, which is enhanced with training. All doctors and therapists also follow an ayurveda lifestyle, and are always willing to listen to clients’ concerns and strive to offer the most outstanding services. Indeed, New York Ayurveda is a highly successful practice, thanks to its competent staff, top quality of its treatments, and its loyal clients. But it has had its share of challenges, especially during Covid when people were seeking healthcare options beyond modern medicine and Ayurveda received a lot of attention. People are now eager to adopt ayurvedic treatments for reasons other than just relaxation.