Autumn 2022

11 May22415 Taking Charge Of The Future Our education has an overwhelming impact on who we are and how we live. The right schooling doesn’t just provide an environment where we can thrive, but one which shapes how we approach our lives. In the Private Education Awards from LUXlife, the team at Pillars Preparatory Academy earned the title of Most Nurturing PK-12 Islamic Learning Environment - Central New Jersey because their attitude to education considers its fullest impact. We take a closer look as they celebrate their success. When preparing a generation of students for the challenges that are to come, academic excellence is only part of the parcel. The work of any educational institution is not purely to provide the knowledge on which a life can be built, but to play a crucial role in shaping the direction of that life. In collaboration with students and parents, the team at Pillars Prep promise to provide a learning experience that takes a holistic approach. Those who are lucky enough to attend this new educational establishment find themselves in a safe and nurturing Islamic learning environment conducive to attaining academic excellence. The skills learned at Pillars Prep are perfectly matched to the way in which many will continue to learn beyond the boundaries of the schoolyard, with the team instilling a passion for learning and research. This approach is crucial to how the team operates, allowing individuals to take charge of their own futures as far as possible. The ultimate aim of the team has always been to provide a place where people can grow and flourish, eventually growing into citizens who will continue to be productive members of society. The instillation of these beliefs as early as possible is essential to making life as easy as possible for all. With growth being such an important factor in the success of Pillars Prep, it’s little wonder they place a great deal of importance on the curriculum and assessment of what has been learned. Standardised teams are administered three times a year to track student progress in the essential fields of English Language, Math and Science. This data not only allows the team to track their students’ progress, but to ensure that their approach to teaching is making a real impact. The reputation that Pillars Prep has earned in a short space reflects the determined attitude of the teaching staff at the heart of the organisation. They want to collaborate with every part of their students’ lives to ensure that they are having the maximum possible impact. This has inspired the team to provide a service that reaches through a child’s life. From the early days of nursery through to college admission, the Pillars Prep team are by your child’s side, supporting them through the good times and the bad. Even in an infant class, your tiny tot will have access to one-to-one support from their teachers to guide the development of the mental process. Good habits established at an early age make a real impact later on in life. The success of Pillars Prep really speaks for itself, with the team offering the students in their care an incredible opportunity. We celebrate their tremendous success and look forward to seeing what they do next! Company: Pillars Preparatory Academy Name: Rehab Abouseada Email: [email protected]