Autumn 2022

7 May22259 Most Nurturing Independent KS1-4 School - London Being a home for ambitious, forward-thinking, and driven young people, St Dunstan's College provides a place of safety, security, and fostered curiosity for its students. Throughout their time at the College, parents can rest assured that their child will be learning only the best and most helpful things to set them up for their future lives, both in a career sense and in a personal sense, working on boosting their academic prowess, social skills, and burgeoning confidence. St Dunstan's College, a values-driven educational provider, is a school for key stages 1 through 4. Nominally, its curriculum is one of diversity and excellence delivered by the most dedicated staff in order to help its students absorb the lessons within in such a way that is actionable in their lives and allows each of them to grow in academic and personal maturity. The senior school curriculum, built on the legacy of its first four headmasters, is one dedicated to the advancement of the present time – or to keeping itself contemporary – meaning that this is a school that will always be teaching itself new tricks as well as maintaining the excellence of years past. This melding of traditional and modernity means that students receive the best of both worlds, with its Hecker curriculum providing a strong 17 subject diversity of education, running throughout lower school in order to enable a child’s full and unabated curiosity to be unlocked. Moreover, its Usherwood programme – underpinned by its centre of wellbeing – aids them in developing their pastoral skills and wellbeing, fostering a proactive approach to mental and physical health that a student will be able to take with them even outside of the school grounds. Its Stuart Additional Curriculum, another offering that sets it apart from its peers, focuses on the skills that a child would need in such contexts. With classes on sex education, future skills, critical thinking, and public debate, lessons delivered in class also include topics such as conflict resolution and personal finance so that a student has a well-developed toolkit below their belts by the time they leave. Thus, with the Forder Programme allowing the students to take control over their own academic career and wider school in a holistic sense suits independent, precocious, and goal-oriented students. With more than 150 activities offered each day, its south-east London location and vibrant attitude all allow it to become a critical cornerstone to personal development for each young person who walks through its doors, cherishing its diversity of pupils and everything that each of them bring to the school. Recently, with a Diapason launched in 2021, increased personal safety measures, new STEM block and sixth form centre, and renewed dedication to the college parliament, it is proud to announce its recent win of the Tes Award and opening of a brand-new theatre. This, and so much more, promise to keep this school as one of the foremost educational providers in the UK. As it moves forward, it plans to keep pushing forward with each of these initiatives and its rewilding scheme, forever proud of the student sustainability committee that has grown to prominence within its walls. Company: St Dunstan's College Contact: Jordan-Lee Squibb Website: