Autumn 2023

10 | LUXlife Magazine ituated in Trás-os-Montes, Boticas Hotel Art & Spa is a four-star, luxury hotel that holds one purpose – to pay homage to Nadir Afonso’s contemporary art, all whilst providing guests with an elegant escape from day-to-day life. Whether visitors from across the world are looking to learn more about the brilliance of Afonso’s work, or local guests are seeking a break away from the mundane, Boticas Hotel Art & Spa is on-hand to provide unrivalled relaxation opportunities. From its immaculate rooms to its carefully crafted spa facilities, it has every amenity available to whisk individuals away to a world of art and rejuvenation. Following its inception in 2014, Boticas Hotel Art & Spa has rapidly accumulated a fantastic reputation based on its top-quality services and Best Art Hotel 2023 - Portugal Nadir Afonso was a Portuguese painter who, when compiling stunning geometric and abstract works, took Portugal by storm. Now, his legacy lies with the art that he accumulated throughout the years. Devoted to reminding individuals, local or otherwise, of the painter’s eye for the world’s undiscovered beauty, Boticas Hotel Art & Spa came to be. Join us as we explore how this contemporary hotel honours the late painter, all whilst offering a luxurious experience to each and every guest. experiences. This, married with its close proximity to the Nadir Afonso Arts Centre, sets it apart as a wholly unique entity, the likes of which having never been replicated since. There’s an unwavering sense of love for the works of the late painter, architect, and philosopher, and it’s one that flourishes throughout the entirety of the hotel. Boticas Hotel Art & Spa truly has something for everyone, which has no doubt contributed towards its immense popularity. Despite its devotion to luxury, however, Boticas Hotel Art & Spa’s elegance manages to strike the perfect balance between refined beauty and a homely atmosphere. As such, guests often remark on how comfortable they feel when enjoying their time at the hotel, whether this is a result of the beautiful artwork, the attentive staff, the local people, or the surrounding culture. Boticas Hotel Art & Spa finds itself in a unique position, allowing it to combine modernity with the natural landscapes around it to forge an truly enchanting environment. In addition to the homely feel that guests can experience from the comfort of their hotel rooms, Boticas Hotel Art & Spa also enhances the getaway experience through the myriad of facilities that are available for individuals to enjoy. One such standout section of the hotel is its rooftop swimming pool and bar. This, partnered with its Spa & Health Club, makes for a truly unforgettable relaxation retreat for a whole manner of individuals. Boticas Hotel Art & Spa stands as a testament to the notion that it’s entirely possible to create wistful environments crafted to recharge even the weariest of guests, all whilst capturing the rich heritage of one of Portugal’s most famous artists. It truly is unique in this sense, and it’s this astounding balance that serves to encourage a sense of wonder. Combine this with its dedication to fantastic service, and a commitment to its local community, and you’ve got a hotel that understands how to remain humble whilst offering a wholly luxurious getaway opportunity. We’re excited to present Boticas Hotel Art & Spa with the title of Best Art Hotel 2023 – Portugal. It accomplishes a feat that no other hotel within the area has – delivering an elegant escape from everyday life, all whilst honouring the work of an incredibly beloved artist. And, as it approaches its tenth year of excellence, Boticas Hotel Art & Spa will no doubt continue to dedicate its all to ensuring that guests can enjoy the getaway of a lifetime. Contact: Manuela Pais Company: Boticas Hotel ART & SPA Web Address: S Jul23495