Autumn 2023

Best Early Years School 2023 – UAE & Best British Prep School 2023 – UAE Brighton College Al Ain is a leading academic organisation providing pupils, from ages 3 to 18, a vibrant and challenging learning environment. The college offers a seamless journey of outstanding education for each individual child and seeks to nurture their development through an innovative British curriculum. Rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge in 2016, Brighton College Al Ain strives to foster curiosity, a love of learning, and a foundation of knowledge that will prepare pupils for a world beyond the classroom. It aims to provide young people with a deep respect for their communities through service and outreach work, encouraging them to assume dynamic and positive roles within the UAE and wider world. The college consistently achieves exceptional academic results, delivering adapted versions of the UK EYFS, KS2 and 3 curricular, which culminate in GCSE and A-Level awards in Years 11 and 13. Brighton College Al Ain combines its academic excellence with a wealth of co-curricular opportunities to meet the individual needs of each child. Speaking on behalf of the college, Ashley Keddie says, “Every boy and girl at Brighton College is valued as an individual and encouraged to develop his or her talents to the full in a community where there are no stereotypes and where every achievement, however small, is noticed.” Brighton College Al Ain is renowned for providing a supportive and tolerant environment with inclusion running through every element of college life. The organisation’s stellar reputation attracts a highly skilled team of world class teachers who guide pupils through carefully tailored programmes of study. “We pride ourselves on our investment in the development of these teachers, as reflected in our appraisal and continuous professional development programme which helps to recruit, develop and retain world-class teachers. Our focus is always on inspirational teaching and curricular innovation, which, together with a deep commitment to the individual needs and interests of each child, lie at the heart of a Brighton College education.” Students adopt an understanding of the college’s three core values throughout their education: a love of learning, drive for innovation, and a culture of kindness. Using a forwardthinking approach to education encourages active engagement with pupil-led initiatives Jun23290 and opportunities for children to develop as individuals. Value is placed on respecting the differences in others and recognising that every person can make a difference. Ashley Keddie explains, “We work very closely with our colleagues and friends at Brighton College in the UK and mirror their ethos, which strikes a balance between academic excellence and a real commitment to understanding the impact that kindness has among our community. This provides the basis for a truly outstanding education.” In addition to its academic prowess, Brighton College Al Ain aspires to discover and develop each child’s unique talents and passions. Offering an eclectic co-curricular programme, highlighting sports, performing arts, and music, the college aims to provide pupils with a broad range of experiences that foster well-rounded young people. Striving to enrich students’ personal and social development with a commitment to the values of confidence, curiosity, and kindness, Brighton College Al Ain ensures its pupils will be equipped to overcome the challenges of today and shape the world they will inhabit in the future. For its commitment to exceptional education and student-centred learning, Brighton College Al Ain has been awarded this year’s Best Early Years School and Best British Prep School – UAE. Contact: Ashley Keddie Company: Brighton College Al Ain Web Address: Subscribe to LUXlife Magazine