Autumn 2023

18 | LUXlife Magazine Most Innovative Dietary Supplements Manufacturer 2023 - DACH Since 2014, ineo Pharma GmbH has been gracing Leverkusen, Germany, with its innovative food supplements. Based on the latest scientific findings, these supplements have allowed ineo Pharma GmbH to make quite the name for itself – be it through its focus on nutricosmetics, or its enzyme therapy research. And, with its 10th anniversary rapidly approaching, we explore just how ineo Pharma GmbH has managed to have such a significant impact on the supplement sphere. Since 1900, the life expectancy of the average person has almost doubled – something that has been clear to see within recent years. However, whilst this feat is astounding, it leaves one to wonder if this longevity is also tied to our health and wellbeing. Keeping ourselves fit and healthy, even in older age, is crucial, but there can be a multitude of factors that may prevent the pursuit of such an imperative factor of our lives. As such, ineo Pharma GmbH came to be – a manufacturer of supplements that would enhance wellbeing, health, and the ability to remain radiant, even in our golden years. Offering customers innovative solutions based on thorough scientific research and proven results, ineo Pharma GmbH has worked tirelessly to craft the perfect solutions to a vast array of health requirements. And, with each product manufactured within Germany and the EU to the highest of standards, it’s been able to consistently deliver a unique adaptation of scientific findings in order to create its line of supplements. From producing supplements to supply beneficial nutrients to an individual’s skin, or developing a means for customers to partake in holistic beauty routines, ineo Pharma GmbH has demonstrated its intrinsic awareness of in-demand health and wellbeing solutions. However, when it comes to specifics, the brand that truly garnered an immense amount of recognition within the dietary supplements field is GLUTEOSTOP®. As a supplement that assists in breaking down gluten in order to support a low-gluten diet, GLUTEOSTOP® is ineo Pharma GmbH’s most widely recognised brand. Not only does it deliver products that are incredibly effective in assisting individuals in their unique lifestyles, but it manages to do so whilst keeping the supplements discreet and easy to ingest. As such, customers can reap the benefits, without having to make drastic changes to their diets. Naturally, as a result of its field, ineo Pharma GmbH is unapologetically passionate about health, beauty, and wellness. It recognises the need for change within the industry, and has presented itself as a developer and marketer that truly understands the ins and outs of its profession. And, with a broad reach extending to the MENA region, where diabetes prevention products are in high demand, it has garnered a vast amount of experience that has allowed it to constantly adapt and invent new and unique solutions to a variety of health and wellbeing challenges. Partner all of this with an incredibly active engagement with its customers and consumers, and you’ve got a supplements manufacturer that truly wishes to connect with the people it aims to support. Through both Facebook and Instagram, as well as in-person events, ineo Pharma GmbH seeks to learn from partners and customers alike, resulting in a unique ability to exchange new ideas and thoughts that could lead to even more industry-changing products. This, combined with its varying, forward-thinking internal culture, establishes ineo Pharma GmbH as a manufacturer that truly cares for the needs of the individual, no matter what. It's thanks to the brilliant mind of Dr Marc Schneider that ineo Pharma GmbH has come to make such an impact. Leveraging his years of experience in the healthcare and life science industry, he’s managed to accomplish incredible feats within the business. Now, ineo Pharma GmbH is an award-winning manufacturer that has health, beauty, and wellbeing at its heart. And, as it approaches its 10th anniversary, ineo Pharma GmbH promises further innovation in the near future. We simply can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Contact: Scheck Verena Company: ineo Pharma GmbH Web Address: Jun23576