Autumn 2023

Autumn 2023 | 19 Education is the very backbone of our society and, because of this, we find ourselves searching for a safe, nurturing space for our own children to thrive. Open to individuals from nursery to year 13, Brighton College Abu Dhabi – based in Bloom Gardens – cultivates a rich and nourishing environment for each and every individual passing through its corridors. British School of the Year – UAE enriched by an excellent co-curricular program, a pastoral house system and a profound commitment to well-being further enhance the holistic educational experience.” He added: “The traditional values of Brighton College UK are embodied in our core values of kindness, curiosity, and confidence. Pupils are exposed to a breadth of opportunities that allow them to discover their passions and interests, ensuring a total education.” The UAE has made significant investments in its education system, and Brighton College Abu Dhabi is in step with this commitment. Brighton College Abu Dhabi invites all individuals seeking an exceptional educational journey to join them on this remarkable path of learning, innovation, and kindness. Winning British School of the Year – UAE, Brighton College Abu Dhabi is another branch of Brighton College which gives us a great glimmer of hope for what the future may hold – for us and generations to come. Contact: Noha Amer Company: Brighton College Abu Dhabi Web Address: estled within Abu Dhabi's vibrant cultural landscape, Brighton College Abu Dhabi stands as a shining example of a dynamic and challenging learning environment, steeped in the rich tradition of British independent schools. Embodying the values and dynamic culture of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, this educational institution offers a distinctive British ethos that sets it apart. Brighton College Abu Dhabi caters for pupils ranging from Nursery to Year 13 and is situated in the picturesque Bloom Gardens, where the College occupies a purpose-built campus adorned with state-of-theart facilities. A singular commitment drives this institution: to emerge as the leading British curriculum school in the Middle East, a mission underpinned by an exceptional team of highly experienced and talented academic and support staff. The institution prides itself on its profound connections with Brighton College UK and its sister schools across the UAE and beyond. Brighton College Abu Dhabi takes great pride in its pupils’ achievements, boasting the highest percentage of A*s at A Level and 9s at GCSE in the Emirate and with the arrival of a new Head Master, Scott Carnochan, the College's community is energised and focused on upholding the highest standards of education. One of the hallmarks of Brighton College Abu Dhabi is its dedication to cultivating a warm, respectful, and vibrant community for all pupils and their families. Central to the college's vision are three key values: a love of learning, innovation, and kindness. These values are not merely words on paper; they are actively ingrained into the institution's culture and operations. Regular reflection and feedback are integral to the institution's approach. They actively engage in discussions to gather feedback from the community regarding the alignment of the college with its vision and the success achieved in relation to it. This feedback is then used to make necessary adjustments and improvements. Speaking on what distinguishes the school from its competitors, Head Master, Scott Carnochan, explains; “Brighton College Abu Dhabi prides itself on outstanding academic performance, underpinned by the unwavering dedication of our exceptional teachers who go above and beyond for our pupils. We offer an exceptional British curriculum, N May23640