Autumn 2023

Jun22596 22 | LUXlife Magazine In 1870, self-made Victorian gentleman Thomas Hulme sought to design a house suited to both his family, and his love for parties. As such, Dunwood Hall Estate came to be. Born from Hulme’s mind and Robert Scrivener’s architectural vision, the building came to encompass a certain aristocratic air. Not only was it the perfect place to live, but it served to entertain a whole manner of guests. With rooms that flowed into one another, it presented guests with the chance to seamlessly mingle, all whilst enjoying the Gothic Revival style that was increasingly popular during the era. Complete with detailed arches, stained glass windows, and a tower boasting four gargoyles, this astounding abode came to be known as the magnum opus of Hulme’s and Scrivener’s combined genius. A family home crafted to host gatherings of up to 100 people – a feat of architecture whose legacy would stand the test of time. However, as the years passed, maintaining this monument of a home became near impossible, and the house eventually fell into disrepair. Enter Dr Ruth Vincent Kemp, the current owner’s grandmother. Besotted with the beautiful building, Ruth restored Dunwood Hall Estate, and it eventually came to host her daughter, Camilla, and grandson, Brodie. However, it wasn’t until 2000 that Camilla, current owner, Brodie’s, mother, began to host weddings and events within the whimsical house that had come to be their home. Having held such a connection to Dunwood Hall Estate, Brodie sought to continue his family’s legacy, and has since established a means for couples to cement their love for one another within the very halls that he was raised in. To him, it’s an honour to share a piece of his childhood with the couples who venture to it to define the next steps of their lives together, and it’s this sentiment that has elevated Dunwood Hall Estate to new heights. Jul23346 Most Elegant Wedding Venue 2023 - Staffordshire Your wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life. It’s what represents your timeless love for another – a promise that you intend to be beside them for the rest of your shared lives. Such a beautiful event deserves to perfect in every way, and where better to start than selecting a spellbinding venue? Dunwood Hall Estate is one such venue. Indulging in tasteful gothic glamour, Dunwood Hall Estate is ready to set the scene for your special day. Below, we venture into the history of this enchanting estate – one that promises an elegant exclusivity unlike any other.