Autumn 2023

Autumn 2023 | 23 Now, it’s known throughout Staffordshire as the most elegant wedding venue within the local area. Surrounded by beautiful, lush greenery, and steeped in an authentically gothic atmosphere, Dunwood Hall Estate is the perfect place for any couple wishing for an exclusive experience when tying the knot. Every inch of the estate is teeming with character, and it all culminates in a truly wistful setting that manages to completely separate its guests from reality. For the duration of their wedding, the couple can experience that fairytale feeling, all whilst being treated as though they’re the only people to have ever crossed the threshold. Dunwood Hall Estate is committed to delivering a bespoke wedding experience, whether it’s hosting the entire ceremony, or simply acting as a reception venue. No matter the requirements, it manages to whisk its guests away into a world of whimsy. This commitment to exclusivity is what makes Dunwood Hall Estate so special – by only offering a handful of days out of the year for couples to choose from, it’s able to treat each wedding with the genuine care and respect that it deserves. It isn’t focused on churning through as many weddings as possible – it wants your day to be your day, and has adapted its annual schedule to accommodate this wish. Whether guests are seeking to enjoy themselves within the Grand Hall, or are leaning more towards the intimacy of its Music and Drawing Rooms, Dunwood Hall Estate provides comfort, sophistication, and style above all else. And, if an outdoor venture is more suited to your tastes, its rose gardens and 1920s swimming pool present the perfect opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in a timeless, ‘The Secret Garden’-esque experience. Dunwood Hall Estate hosts a plethora of secrets for individuals to uncover, and actively encourages the exploration of its grounds. Dunwood Hall Estate marries the magical and the elegant in order to craft a venue fit for any wedding, reception, or event. Its timeless beauty is simply undeniable, and with traditional stonework, stunning glass ceilings, and charming grounds, it’s a must for those with an eye for the wonderful. With a rich history, combined with a quirky character, Dunwood Hall Estate embodies the original will of its creator perfectly – to be a place for people to gather and enjoy themselves. Its heritage has been cemented throughout the centuries, and it now serves as a crucible for forging unforgettable memories. It's with great pleasure that the owners of Dunwood Hall Estate share their home with those who are desperate to indulge in a little gothic whimsy. In fact, the joy that they receive from hosting personalised weddings is what keeps them moving forward. Dunwood Hall Estate was always meant to host a myriad of people, and Brodie is determined to uphold its original purpose, all whilst expressing the importance of its legacy to future generations. It truly is a masterpiece crafted from a love for events, parties, and the like, and we’re sure that it’ll continue to see more couples exchange their vows beneath its roof in the years to come. We’re very excited to present Dunwood Hall Estate with the title of Most Elegant Wedding Venue 2023 – Staffordshire. Its halls are laced with a story that has been preserved since 1871, and it’s clear to see that the original essence of Hulme’s intentions shine throughout the home. Dunwood Hall Estate is, by far, the most unique wedding venue within Staffordshire. Contact Details Contact: Erika-Marina Kemp-Lovatt Company: Dunwood Hall Estate Web Address: