Autumn 2023

36 | LUXlife Magazine 32 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 We celebrate the team’s success in the Restaurant and Bar Awards and cannot wait to see what they do in the months and years to come! Maggie’s Restaurant Sliema Tel: +356 79272770 Email: [email protected] Web: ith a set up that is elegant yet comfortable and a decor that is modern yet classic, this is a destination where you can truly feel at home surrounded by some fascinating paintings by local artists and indeed, a portrait of Maggie herself! Maggie’s well thought menu celebrates the very best of both Mediterranean and Local cuisine, with a mix of modern dishes and twisted classic recipes. To compliment your meal, the team has an array of signature cocktails and an impressive wine selection to ensure that the guests can walk in, sit back, relax and enjoy their time. They have a small menu with a mix of starters, plates to share, pasta, meat dishes and fresh fish. However, the menu is always complimented with a choice of Daily Chef’s Specials which they update twice a day, and of course, desserts are as important with some signature dishes like the pistachio fondant! However, for the team at Maggie’s, the food is just the ‘cherry on the cake’ as very well explained, opening a restaurant was a dream that unfolded into reality. The team believed that they can offer a space where people can hang out with their friends, share a laugh with the family, enjoy the company of their partners or spending quality time with themselves. So, with that dream in their hearts and with a committed vision in their minds, they opened the door to this little restaurant, in a location where is kissed by the sun and viewed by the sea. It also materialized that they prepare great dishes which they serve with an authentic genuine smile, because the purpose of their dream is to make people happy by providing a space to feel welcome and comfortable. And just after a year since they opened the doors, Maggie’s stands out from the rest as they managed to accomplish the perfect synergy of ambience, service, food and value for money. So, if you feel like being spoiled and pampered, there is no better destination then Maggie’s in Sliema. Exploring Maggie's: A Mediterranean Culinary Paradise Food in the Mediterranean is characterised by delectable taste, accented by a warm and homely charm. Nowhere on the island is this better shown than in the delights that can be sampled at Maggie’s, a restaurant that prepares twisted classic and modern dishes to guarantee satisfaction with every single bite. With well-earned success in the Restaurant and Bar Awards, we take a closer look at this incredible restaurant to find out more. W Visiting Maggie’s is not just a journey to a world of fine cuisine, but it’s a trip to someone else’s home where guests are always welcomed with a big smile and open arms.