Autumn 2023

6 | LUXlife Magazine pread over 8 acres of exquisite gardens, with 13 venues ready to host weddings, events, and guests from all over, The Garden Venue is a multi-award-winning events venue that’s renowned for the natural elegance that’s on display. Spanning from its cantilevering decks and stunning pavilions, to its serene koi pond, this event space boasts a level of personality that makes it an undeniable stand-out within the region. It’s for this reason that The Garden Venue is now widely recognised as one of the most beautiful venues in Gauteng. Whether individuals are looking to plan a corporate event, party, or are simply seeking out a stay in a modernised, luxurious hotel, The Garden Venue has everything anyone could need to indulge in the perfect environment. However, The Garden Venue truly shines when it’s hosting its renowned weddings. Having successfully accommodated plenty of stunning wedding services over the years since its inception, The Garden Venue has gained an immense amount of praise for the potential that it presents. Its expansive gardens allow for an event unlike any other, and with four outdoor chapels to choose from, The Garden Venue leaves couples spoilt for choice. No matter what part of the grounds in which couples choose to hold their wedding ceremony, The Garden Venue promises spectacular views, all as a result of its exquisitely landscaped surroundings. Each venue is laden with grandeur, allowing for a stunning spectacle that’s nothing short of timeless. As such, it presents a perfect union between nature and man – something that truly serves to enhance the overall atmosphere of the space. There isn’t a single inch of The Garden Venue that isn’t a delight to behold. This, partnered with its picturesque nature, establishes it as one of Johannesburg’s crowning jewels. As previously mentioned, The Garden Venue has multiple options for couples looking for their perfect wedding venue. With four outdoor chapels, and an additional wedding venue, The Garden Venue hosts five spaces to choose from, each with varying capacity limits. Capable of hosting the most guests, with numbers reaching 450, The Garden Arena Hall is a true vision to behold. With cascading water features, tropical plants, and an extensive stretch of greenery, The Garden Arena Hall’s lawn, chapel and bar come together to create the perfect setting for any wedding. Its magnificence is ideal for grand weddings, where spectacle truly is everything. However, if couples are looking for a more whimsical atmosphere, The Garden Venue’s Forest Banquet Hall, punctuated by the Forest Piazza and Lily Pond Forest Chapel, is brilliantly suited to the task. Guests will watch from the banks of lily pond as the couple walk the length of the suspended bridge leading to the chapel. It imbues the space with a magical aura that will radiate throughout the Best Wedding & Event Hotel 2023 - Johannesburg Johannesburg is renowned for its beauty. Colloquially dubbed ‘The City of Gold’, it’s widely recognised as a stunning destination fit for any venture – particularly weddings. Enter The Garden Venue, one of South Africa’s most enticing wedding venues. Complete with a selection of wedding venues, an on-site hotel, and luscious views as far as the eye can see, The Garden Venue has become a hotspot for couples looking to tie the knot. Below, we explore its immaculate wedding venues, and how their unique qualities make The Garden Venue truly special. S