2019 Designer Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 13 LUX 2019 Designer Awards Over the past twenty years Axon Design has completed a wide array of interesting projects worldwide and continues to push the boundaries of design to this very day. Looking to the future, expanding the firm’s global reach will be its core priority as the company seeks to build upon its current success. At the same time, the team at Axon Design are eager to ensure that they enhance their service offering to meet the varied needs of their clients around the world so that they can continue to provide the very highest possible level of service over the years to come. Ultimately, today the lighting industry is undergoing a revolutionary change, which is due in part by technological advancements as well as a more evolved understanding of the impact light has on the human psyche. One of the key factors in Axon Lighting’s projects is the implementation of daylight harvesting, further emulating this phenomenon with artificial lighting program. This unique approach will help the company to provide unique, innovative solutions that meet its international clientele’s ever-evolving needs throughout 2019 and further ahead. Company: Axon Lighting Design inc. Contact: Kacper Dolatowski Website: http://axon-design.com/ Founded in 2000, Axon Design is a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in innovative lighting concepts for both residential and public spaces. The driving force behind the firm’s ideas is understanding the intricacies of light as well as its absence in spaces the team design for. For example, the team can undertake anything from the analysis of sun path and daylight activities to creating a harmonized lighting plan, subsequently delivering exceptional experiences. Thanks to its vast industry expertise, the firm’s clients include architects, artists, interior designers, urban planners, developers, hoteliers, chefs, and private clients. With two locations, one in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn, the company is able to draw on the diverse culture and inspiration of New York City to ensure it offers clients creative designs that cannot be found elsewhere and are in-keeping with current trends in fashion and the lighting industry, whilst also pushing boundaries. When undertaking any new project, Axon Design’s expert team work hard to ensure they understand both the brief and their clie