2019 Designer Awards

Page 30 www.lux-review.com LUX 2019 Designer Awards lightsphere is an independent lighting design office based in Zurich and dedicated to offering clients the highest possible standards of solutions that are innovative and creative. We profile the firm to find out more about the range of projects it undertakes and how these have led it to the success it enjoys today. As a partner of architects, interior designers, investors and operators, lightsphere develops interdisciplinary lighting concepts for interior and exterior: design-oriented, precise, sustainable and always in the interests of the user. Providing everything from daylight planning and consulting through to the development of bespoke luminaires, lightsphere is able to meet the needs of a diverse range of private and professional clients. The team can customise its solutions to meet the needs of an individual client or to adapt around the needs of a specific project. The firm’s office offers space for exchange and lightsphere GmbH Lighting Design Studio of the Year 2019 Switzerland & Award for Excellence in Customised Luminaire Development 2019 inspiration, for impulses and experiments. It is a place where experience and curiosity find an equal place, where the balance between idealism and realism leads to modern, ambitious lighting solutions. The team at lightsphere all believe that light is more than just a physical element. Instead, it is the team’s daily source of inspiration, a metaphysical instrument, a tool of aesthetic expression and a means to understand form and time. After all, the targeted use of natural and artificial light requires a multi-layered approach. lightsphere understands lighting design as a synergy between architecture, psychology, science, art, and technology. Looking to the future, lightsphere will continue to focus on providing its clients with innovative and expert support they can rely on. Contact Details: [email protected] www.lightsphere.ch Givaudan Innovation Center artificial lighting & bespoke luminaire design for ornamental plants to thrive indoors client: Givaudan architect: Bauart Architekten photo: lightsphere www.lightsphere.ch