2019 Designer Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 35 LUX 2019 Designer Awards client, thanks to a deep market, trend and user needs analysis, that what they had in mind would not fit: it would be too expensive to manufacture and would not meet their clients’ needs. Finally, they were very happy that we guided them so well, not just in terms of design, but also on market and business models. Design is never an expense; it is an investment, and at Sequoia-studio we work with our clients to make sure they make the most out of it every time they work alongside us.” As they look to the future Nicolas and Pascal believe that Sequoia-studio will continue to flourish thanks to its upcoming projects, which they are proud to showcase in their concluding comments. “Looking ahead, our goal is to expand our strategic design and user design services to shop owners, to develop their business, improve their turnover and better understand their customers (with design thinking). We are also working on a big partnership with China's biggest clusters, which will help us to gain an even greater reputation for excellence in today’s industrial design market.” Company: Sequoia-studio Contact: Nicolas Melan Website: www .sequoia-studio.com Since its inception in 2008, Sequoia-studio has been focused on creating value for its clients, with an aim to giving meaning and relevance to their products. Nicolas and Pascal explain the firm’s service offering in more detail and outlines how this has expanded over the years. “Here at Sequoia-studio, we help our clients to create sustainable business thanks to more desirable products, stronger user experience, clearer and more impactful brand image and greater customer loyalty. We work with a wide range of clients, from worldwide leaders, like Legrand, or Group SEB, but also SMEs and Start-ups. Most of our clients are from Europe and Asia. “Everything we do is focused on one unique goal: creating value for businesses and brands. As a team we have a very wide vision and practice of industrial design, and since the creation of the agency, we have been enhancing this to provide our clients with industrial design solutions, from design requirements establishment to follow-up with engineers and factories, but also design consulting services and design coaching services that meet their individual needs.” One of the firm’s recent successful projects was a luggage range for a new start-up. Nicolas and Pascal outline how this project showcases the firm’s talent and expertise in the design space. “During one of our recent projects, creating a luggage range, we had to overcome many challenges, including guiding the client and showing them that when it comes to design, less is more. We managed to convince our Based in Hong Kong, and founded by Nicolas Melan and Pascal Bardel, Sequoia- studio is an innovative design studio supporting a wide range of clients. We caught up with Nicolas and Pascal to find out more about their firm and the secrets behind the success it enjoys today. Sequoia-studio Most Innovative Industrial Design Agency 2019 - Hong Kong