2019 Designer Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 9 LUX 2019 Designer Awards “Every detail of this project was designed, laid out and manufactured by iDesign. We worked directly with several different vendors across the globe. The vinyl was pressed in Germany, the CDs, DVDs and BluRay discs were replicated in the USA and Europe. The birch wood box and LP folio were built in China, the coffee table book was printed and bound in the USA and China. Final assembly was handled in the USA. It was a huge undertaking to design every element of this package, but an even bigger task to manage all the manufacturing, logistics and shipping. “One element of the design I'm very proud of is the hand coloring of the album cover. It's a photo of the band playing in front of 70,000+ fans, taken from behind the stage looking out into the stadium crowd. This was originally a black and white photo taken by famed photographer Joel Bernstein. Graham Nash felt it might look great in color. So, I took on the task of coloring the entire photo including every person that was in the stadium (still within focus). This one task took over three months, and the results are truly spectacular.” It is Brian’s personal experience in the music and design industries that has helped him to gain international success for iDesign, as he is keen to highlight. “When working on any project, I believe experience plays a key role in success. I began my career in the music industry as a touring musician and recording artist, however, I quickly settled into designing album packaging for other artists. This music background enables me to instantly understand what an artist wants (or needs) with their image and brand. As such, when I meet a client for the first time I feel they get an instant understanding of where I'm coming from. We can usually agree on a solid concept and direction quickly. I listen to the music and determine what that should look like. Even though most iconic bands already have an established image, each album campaign looks and feels different; so, we need to take every new album to the next level to insure their fans can appreciate something new.” Thanks to this vast experience, Brian understands the ever-evolving market and can create solutions that meet his clients constantly changing needs. Discussing the changes he is seeing in the music industry today, Brian explores the developments it is currently undergoing and how his firm is adapting around these. “Fundamentally, over recent years the music industry in general has been going through a major shift in how music is delivered, purchased and sold. It is now very much a digital streaming world; in fact, young consumers today rarely understand the concept of paying for the music they listen to. We have done very well in keeping up with these changes and continue to evolve with it. On the design side, we are still required to create multiple pieces of artwork for these digital music projects. “However, vinyl records are very popular now, they have been for several years. We design and press vinyl for almost all our recording artist clients now. The vinyl presses still in operation today where been built in the 60's, 70's and 80's. No new presses have been built since; only refurbished presses are being used. This means there are not many pressing plants around the world which has created a tremendous backlog. I knew offering my clients reasonable turn times on vinyl records was crucial. I have built extensive relationships with vinyl vendors around the globe to ensure I can offer better turn times than almost all other labels, distributors and production companies.” As such, looking ahead the future looks bright for iDesign, as the firm seeks to adapt around these industry developments and continue to provide its award-winning service offering to an even wider array of clients, as Brian is proud to conclude. “Moving forward, at iDesign we will be continuing to provide design and production services for many record labels and film companies. Every project is exciting to us and we have many great projects lined up for 2019. I also have several non-music art projects in planning so that we can continue to flourish in alternative markets and offer our expertise to an even wider range of clients and expand our knowledge in the design space.” Company: iDesign Name: Brian Porizek Address: 23945 Calabasas RD,. Suite 118, Calabasas, CA 91302 Telephone Number: 310-780-4035 Web Address: idesign4u.com

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