Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023

Best Home & Office Bar Installation Company 2023 - London & South East Based in Basingstoke, Love Beer Bars Ltd. specialises in providing unique and creative draught dispensing solutions that are perfect for any event. Handling everything from installation to maintenance, the company offers a complete service for home and office bars, taking care of all its customers’ needs. Here, we dive into Love Beer’s various offerings. Delivering free of charge across the South of England, Love Beer boasts an extensive range of kegs. This includes well-known lagers and ciders like Bud Light, Stella, and Stowford Press, as well as specialist beers like Blanche de Bruxelles, Mikkeller, and Verdant’s Headband. For those who don’t drink beer, the company also offers kegs of Prosecco 1754, NICE wines, and cocktails like espresso martini. From personal kitchen bars to large bars catering to busy workplaces in London, Love Beer has been furnishing a myriad of venues with impressive bar setups for many years. Certified by the British Beer and Pubs Association, the company is renowned for its expertise and skill in supplying, installing, and maintaining remarkable bars. There are two types of home bar system that customers can choose from. These are the Flash Cooler and the Kegerator, both of which can be set up to dispense between one and four kegs. For a pub-quality setup with equipment that meets industry standards, the Flash Cooler is the most popular choice. Whilst beer is kept at room temperature, shortening its shelf life, the system is ideal for homes and offices that will mainly use it for parties and events. For those who need a lifespan of over four weeks per keg, the Kegerator is a better choice. This system has grown increasingly popular in the United States and Germany but remains comparatively rare in the UK. This is because there are very few producers of models that conform to British standards. By ensuring that the keg stays at dispense temperature, the Kegerator keeps beer fresh for far longer than the Flash Cooler system. No matter the system, every bar should be routinely maintained to ensure that it continues to deliver the best beer flavour and dispensing performance. All of Love Beer’s setups come with instructions with which customers can maintain the bar themselves, but many prefer for an experienced professional to handle the job. For a cost of £44.04, Love Beer offers a comprehensive hygiene check-up service, as part of which it will examine all fittings and gas, monitor temperature levels, and perform a thorough anti-viral disinfection on all surfaces along with a line clean. With this service, customers never need to worry about personally cleaning and maintaining their bar once it has been installed. Perfect for those who need a bar for a one-off event, Love Beer offers party keg equipment hire services. In this, it provides customers with a professional dispensing system using the finest products on the market, offering a range of taps that are great for setting up multiple kegs. The company strives to deliver a truly unique experience, combining incredible flavours with a stylish aesthetic. This is ideal for events where style and quality are of the utmost importance, including exhibitions, office parties, private parties, festivals, outdoor events, pop-up bars, and corporate events. All systems are set up by properly trained technicians using industry standard equipment, including digital temperature-controlled coolers, automatic pressure regulation, proper beer taps, and more. For its outstanding services, Love Beer has received a multitude of positive feedback on Google, resulting in its impressive 4.5star rating. For example, one customer states, “We get fortnightly deliveries for our work bar. We select new and different beers each time, which are often great recommendations, and are thoroughly impressed with the service. We would highly recommend!” As a result of its continued excellence, Love Beer Bars Ltd. has been awarded Best Home & Office Bar Installation Company, London & South East, in the Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this achievement and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Charles Richer-Smith Company: Love Beer Bars Ltd. Web Address: https://love-beer.co.uk/