Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023

Distillery & Brewing Awards 2023 | 5 It’s no secret that, even as far back as 1964, Kool has had a knack for creating meaning from the little things in life. Be it through Kool & The Gang’s music, or through the energy that he’s put out into the universe, his influence shines through almost every aspect of the modern world. Kool & The Gang is a household name – one associated with happiness, celebration, and uplifting atmospheres. As such, it only seemed natural to convert this essence into something that could be tasted, as well as heard. With a long-lasting love for bubbles, Kool finally founded Le Kool Champagne, a luxury brand that aimed to continue the band’s rich legacy, all whilst pleasing the tastebuds no matter the blend. However, to truly understand the depth of Le Kool Champagne’s origins, we must first venture back a little. Before Le Kool Champagne, there was Just Kool Enterprises. Created by Kool and his late wife Sakinah Bell, Just Kool Enterprises sought to leverage the iconic Kool name to encourage a union between generations of music lovers. Just Kool Enterprises was never meant to be a simple celebrity brand, however – it had meaning. Its existence represented a new endeavour, shared between husband and wife, to connect with the people that meant the most around them. Music lovers. Enjoyers of luxury. Regardless of generation, Just Kool Enterprises existed as a means to connect the world. It was only upon connecting with business partners Olfa and Mohamed Moretta did Kool take the leap into founding The Just Kool Party and Le Kool Champagne. He had always envisioned having his own brand from Europe, and adapted his love for champagne into something truly special. Of course, with such high expectations of what Le Kool Champagne could be, Kool was eager to establish connections with only the best vineyards the world had to offer. As such, Le Kool Champagne avidly sought out Grand Cru vineyards that truly understood what it took to craft specialty champagnes, right down to how to treat the grape on the vine. Finally, a collaboration with Estate Paul Berthelot was established. Renowned for its five generation long development, Maison Berthelot is a multi-vintage producer that has spent its years since 1884 nurturing its grapes, vines, and the surrounding environment in order to garner beyond perfect results with every barrel. Located on sixteen hectares of Premier Cru vineyards in Dizy and Avernay, as well as the Grand Cru Village of Ay, Berthelot delivers on the promise of concocting nothing short of premium, luxurious champagnes. Its worldwide reputation stands as a testament to this unerring devotion to quality, and it’s for this very reason that Kool chose his own plot of land upon which Le Kool Champagne’s grapes would be grown and harvested. From there, it was simply a matter of concocting the champagne to the highest possible degree of quality. After all, Kool intended to place Kool & The Gang – a band that needs no introduction. Since 1964, it has taken the world by storm with its back-toback hits. Now, as it stands, Kool & The Gang is one of the world’s most iconic bands. Of course, this is nothing new. What is new, however, is Le Kool Champagne, founded by none other than Robert ‘Kool’ Bell. Exemplifying Kool’s avid love for champagne, Le Kool Champagne is a premium brand that promises sublime luxury with every sip. Join us as we immerse ourselves in a journey of love, music, and celebrating good times.