Distillery & Brewing Awards Packages 2023

About Us Introduction LUXlife is proud to announce the launch of the Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023. For its inaugural edition on the LUXlife platform, this programme will spotlight and showcase the cream of the crop from across the international brewing and distilling industry. The Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023 will shine a light on the industry leaders who are revolutionising the sector. From craft breweries, family-run distilleries, and micro-breweries to brewpubs and taprooms, this is an industry that is firmly established in everyday life. With more craft breweries and distilleries established each year, this industry shows no signs of slowing down! In a competitive market, today’s breweries and distilleries are characterised by their ability to adapt, overcome, and embrace innovation, with resiliency a crucial component to a company’s success. Turning to greener methods of production, and tailoring products to the consumer palate are just a few examples of new developments within the industry. Trends also suggest that many breweries are now focused on finding their niche, leading to greater diversity in the market and the opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd! www.lux-review.com