2018 Entertainment Awards

Page 14 www.lux-review.com LUX Entertainment Awards 2018 For over 20 years, Hatched Brands have achieved market-leading results on behalf of many global brands. Its team’s vast experience in the use of product placement within the entertainment industry combined with an extensive contacts portfolio ensures that Hatched Brands is able to offer a personal and professional service that is second to none. The firm has built on years of specialist knowledge and experience to deliver successful brand and product placement results for both global and small independent automotive manufacturers. Specifically, Hatched Brands flexible approach to individual film projects provides a bespoke brand and product placement management package. The firm’s service offering in this area is based on a tactically driven framework which appeals to both product and service providers. With its flexible approach to film and TV projects, the firm is able to support clients across these two mediums and drive their brand to even greater success. Ultimately, Hatched Brands prides itself on its enduring automotive-based heritage and as such remains a true market-leader within this sector. Looking ahead, the firm will continue to enhance its service offering to ensure that its clients continue to receive the exceptionally high-quality support and services that they have come to rely on. Hatched Brands is the UK’s No. 1 Brand Placement Agency, specialising in the creation, implementation and management of a multitude of brand and product placement opportunities within the film, television, music and digital media industries. As we explore a selection of our winners from this years’ Global Entertainment Awards we felt it was important to profile the firm and explore how it came to achieve the success it enjoys today. Hatched Brands Best Brand Placement Agency 2018 Company: Hatched Brands Contact: Peter Thompson Address: 77 Heyford Park, Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, OX25 5HD, UK Phone: 0845 456 1085