2018 Entertainment Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 17 Culturally, Otherworld embraces scientific research and critical thought to best understand our world and humanity’s place in it. Distinctly Western in its affirmation of the concept of human rights and liberty, Otherworld considers people, individually and collectively, to be responsible for their actions, and promotes the concept that everyone has a responsibility to nurture and replenish the environment of this world in which we dwell. Looking to the future, Otherworld’s principal goal remains the production of Pike’s properties, but to put his fantasy adventures on the screen will involve significant financial risk, which may be largely offset if any of the properties he is now converting to novels become best sellers. Book and record sales are known to inspire audience anticipation for seeing their favorite fantasy adventures brought to life on the screen. This unexpected but most welcome 2018 Global Entertainment Award may be another step toward realizing those goals, and Pike is excited for both the future of Otherworld Cottage Industries and its associated artists. Company: Otherworld Cottage Industries Contact: Travis Pike Address: 1746 South Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90006-5210, USA Phone: 001 323 733 1074 Web Address: http://www. otherworldcottageindustries.com FX Wizard William Bryan in his Home Workshop Travis Pike and Long-Grin at Otherworld Cottage

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