LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018

Page 10 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards Understanding the integral importance of interior design on the wellbeing of clients, Arjan and his team work hard to create truly unique designs that offer clients something more than just a space, as he highlights. “At Aiden T, our design approach always comes from a point how the design will enhance the wellbeing and lifestyle of our clients. Interior design and its philosophies are still pretty new in Singapore. While most people will hire a contractor to do up their place, few firms offer a cohesive design approach based on the owners’ personal style and taste. What sets us apart is not only the personal touches on each project, but also incorporating the old and new in a contemporary design approach. “Personally, the greatest compliment I can get is how the new home improved my clients daily living. A certain ease in daily functions – like having a power point in the right spot, but also that sense of unwinding at the end of the day. This is why I prefer homes with some character and personality – a certain softness through use of materials and heirloom quality furniture pieces or accessories. These features characterise my designs and are what clients are attracted to.” Moving forward, Arjan intends to branch out, working not only for Aiden T but also creating his own brand that will help him to get his name out and showcase his talent to an even wider range of clients, as he proudly concludes. “As I look to the future and how I can continue to enhance my success, I intend for my core business under the Aiden T brand will be more streamlined and I want to be able to put more of a personal stamp on each project. This will mean fewer projects per annum, but more creative project and more experimentation with new materials and such. Each project will be more bespoke, and I want to be more involved in each aspect of the design. “Alongside my work for Aiden T, to cater to the larger market I am starting a sub brand called Studio Flinck, catering to more entrée level project. For this brand, I will design five to eight new designs each year which will be introduced in the market. Clients can then pick and choose these pre-designed homes and adapt them to their own home. A team of interior designers will tweak the designs to meet the needs of the clients – but the idea is to keep the basic design elements in place and work on turn key projects, including packages towards styling and interior decorating. These projects will be more economical as we will introduce tried and tested working methods and designs.” Company: Aiden T Contact: Arjan Nijen Twilhaar Address: No. 67 Ubi Road 1, unit 09-11 OxleyBizhub, Singapore 408732 Phone: +65 6408 9691 Website: Dutch born Arjan Nijen Twilhaar helms Aiden T, an interior design firm based in Singapore, specialising in residential projects. For its residential clients, the firm designs apartments and homes and offer full interior architecture services as well as interior design. The company was founded 2005 and Arjan still helms the company as the principal designer. He shares an insight into his inspiration and how he draws on this to provide exceptional service to every client. “As a child, I was always intrigued how interior design affects the sensory experience and affect the mood and wellbeing. During my childhood travels, I was amazed how people started to whisper when walking into a cathedral or how the mood changed walking into a palace or a well-appointed hotel. Interior design has this impact on our perceptions, how we feel and ultimately, how we live our lives. “Interior design can transport you – just like fashion and the clothes you wear. The home is the essence of one’s true self, and your sense of style directs very much how you live your daily life. I like clean and collected interiors that incorporate unique and individual pieces, helping to create an atmosphere that is timeless and original. In order to achieve this, the overall design needs to be cohesive and all inclusive. That is why my preference is to work on complete overhaul renovation projects or new build homes. Starting at the foundation of with interior architecture, I can dictate the flow of the home and address each element of the design to come together into one full experience. “While not all clients have the same vision, my aim is to move the company towards working on projects where I have the opportunity to implement this design vision. Key is that each project has the basic fundamentals of clarity, proportion and proper light. It is important to me that each space shares a connection – a flow that offers new viewpoints with elements of surprise.” Aiden T is a boutique interior design firm supporting a range of residential clients and helping them to create a home they can be proud of. We invited Principal Designer Arjan Nijen Twilhaar to talk us through his role in the firm’s incredible success. Aiden T Best Residential Interior Designer 2018 - Singapore