LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018

Page 12 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards quality and offer benefits to users, and as such Celestine is eager to showcase these benefits in more detail. “Alongside supplying directly to consumers, Botany has decades of experience in providing products to high end spas and premium hotel treatment rooms. The Botany Naturals range is skin’s ‘superfood’. Every ingredient is highly functional to support and maintain healthy skin and a smooth complexion. We understand both global market and individual client demand for quality, safe natural skin and hair care. Our R&D department is constantly developing products which are high performing utilising Australian native plant extracts.” Having achieved incredible success over the past 12 months, including winning this prestigious award, looking ahead Botany has a bright future in front of it, as Celestine explores in her concluding comments. “Lifestyle, fashion and design are evolving faster than before due to the current social media growth. Beautiful and creative styling is accessible to everyone, across borders and countries with the expansion of online shopping. Anything can be purchased worldwide with a simple search and just the click of a button. This puts potential growth in business at a new level previously not accessible, in particular where products are desirable and functional. These are very exciting times to be in business, especially for us as we seek to grow even further and showcase our unique range to a wider audience. “Building on our success so far, the future for Botany Essentials is limitless. Currently we are expanding into Asia on a massive scale, which has helped us to raise our turnover in 2018 by over 100%. Our team is very excited in sharing our success and the ongoing growth of our company over the coming years.” Company: Botany Essentials Pty Ltd Contact: Celestine Hade Address: 39 Cranwell Street, Braybrook, Victoria, 3019, Australia Phone: 0061 3 9317 9088 Website: #botanyessentials Since its inception in 1997, Botany has achieved incredible success, and today the firm manufactures and exports products under the brands of Botany Naturals, Botany Aromatherapy, Botany Naturals Baby, DNA Serums and Pure South from its two factories in Melbourne Australia. Celestine provides us with an insight into the firm’s international popularity. “Over the years, Botany has gained an international reputation for excellence, and now we export worldwide to over 30 countries, with our products being sold in high end spa and salon, department stores, and retail stores. Our products are sold to a wide variety of clients who are seeking premium natural and organic skin care products. Our product range is vast; any product that can be used to cleanse and moisturise the body, we manufacture. We tick all the boxes for natural solutions, with no sulphates, petrochemicals, glycols, parabens and no synthetic fragrances. “Both men and women enjoy using our products because of their natural properties. Everyone wants products that not only make them look great, but feel great too, and we aim to offer this in our range. Architects, interior designers and styling agents target our high- end products to showcase on their styling platforms to their aspiring premium clientele. Men and women are increasingly seeking beautifully designed products that complement their home and lifestyle. The Botany range excels at this level.” Supplying directly to spas and beauty treatment providers, the firm has to ensure that its solutions are of the highest possible Dedicated to creating innovative, natural solutions, Botany Essentials is a long standing natural skin care company with over 21years of experience. As the firm is a winner in our Fashion & Lifestyle Awards, we invited Celestine Hade to tell us more about it and the unique products it creates. Botany Essentials Pty Ltd Best International Skincare Products Manufacturer - Asia Pacific