LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018

Page 18 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards Purely science-based skin care products with strong safety and efficacy data, such as Purgenesis™, answer the increasing demand for effective, botanically derived and evidence-based products. The solution bridges the gap between pharmaceuticals, botanicals and cosmetics, delivering real results for both women and men of all skin types. The Purgenesis™ Anti-Aging treatment was developed using naturally- sourced ingredients extracted through a proprietary process discovered by Devonian Health Group. Furthermore, the Purgenesis™ Anti-Aging treatment is patented worldwide and, therefore, recognized for its novel and unique application. This discovery is the result of over 15 years of intense research conducted by a dedicated group of scientists within Devonian. Unique within the industry, the Purgenesis™ Anti- Aging treatment is the first product line distributed by dermatologists to be recognized by the Skin Health Program™ of the Canadian Dermatology Association. The Skin Health Program is designed to help guide consumers in selecting healthy skin care products for themselves and their families. A pioneering solution, Purgenesis™ exemplifies the astounding possibilities available through the merging of science, nature and beauty. Developed under rigorous pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and supported by clinical trial data, the Purgenesis™ Anti-Aging treatment, consists of three advanced formulations - a day cream, night cream and eye cream all of which contain R-Spinasome® complex, an active structure containing anti-oxidant properties extracted from organic green leaves. Devonian's core strategy is to develop prescription botanical drugs from plant materials for worldwide use. Additionally, the firm is also involved in the development of high-value cosmeceutical products with their purely science-based anti-ageing treatment, marketed as Purgenesis TM . Furthermore, their commercial division, Altius Healthcare, brings opportunities for further diversification and growth potential. Purely Canadian from conception to commercialization, Purgenesis™ is a skin care line of products that is exclusively available from dermatologists and medical spas across Canada, and for good reason. After all, medically-trained skin care experts are able to truly appreciate the decades of research and advanced extraction technology that has given life to the active R-Spinasome® complex derived from organic green leaves. This is what forms the basis of the Purgenesis™ skin care line and the reason why our science-based, clinically proven formulations are chosen by experts as the daily skincare solution for women and men of all skin types. The Purgenesis™ Anti-Aging treatment is the first in an exciting and evolving line of products designed to protect, enhance and heal the skin. Consumers around the world have expressed a great need for products of high quality that protect their skin against harmful environmental elements, such as pollution, light from electronic devices (led light from smart phones, TV, etc.) and sun rays, and Devonian aims to offer this through its innovative range of products. Devonian Health Group is a late stage botanical pharmaceutical corporation with novel therapeutic approaches to targeting unmet medical needs. Showcasing the talent and ingenuity of this innovative company, we profile it and offer a fascinating insight into the therapies it develops. Devonian Health Group Inc. Best Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment Technology 2018 The uniqueness of the R-Spinasome® complex as an effective anti-oxidant lies in its’ ability to dynamically regenerate itself as to continuously capture and dissipate damaging energy generated by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), hence providing unprecedented, long-lasting anti-oxidant protection that rapidly diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, providing firming and hydration superior to leading brands. Currently, Devonian is pursuing the development of other product lines within the Purgenesis™ brand. Relying on rigorous science, the company expects to launch next an Anti-Photoaging product line covering multiple harmful light wavelengths for indoor and/or outdoor use. In parallel, Devonian is developing the Purgenesis™ Anti-Stretchmark product line. Longer term, following the launch of Purgenesis™ in Canada, Devonian will turn to the rest of the world to bring these innovative products to consumers everywhere. This expansion will offer this proactive firm the chance to provide its award-winning, effective products to an even wider range of clients. Company: Devonian Health Group Inc. Contact: Dr Andre P. Boulet, PhD Address: 115 place Frontenac, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9R 4Z7, Canada Phone: 001 514 868 8440 ext. 205 E-mail : [email protected] Websites: &