LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018 Page 27 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards Established in 2016, over the years Lemipan has relaunched its flagship brand Kastinger, and the pair have since flourished. Today, Kastinger combines a long-standing tradition with an innovative way of thinking. For more than 100 years, Kastinger been a company that is synonymous with the best quality and modern design. Currently, thanks to the support of new parent company Lemipan, Kastinger shoes allow clients to overcome any sporting and weather-related challenge. With the relaunch of this innovative brand, Lemipan announced a new slogan: tradition in motion. Not only is this what makes the brand; it is also what the brand stands for. For the brand relaunch, it was important to remember where the company came from and not forget about the modern innovations, and as such the firm combined these to create something truly unique. Lemipan GmbH is an innovative outdoor footwear specialist whose brand Kastinger offers unique solutions which combine function with aesthetics to meet the needs of a variety of clients. We profile the firm to learn more and explore the secrets behind the incredible success of this creative brand. Lemipan GmbH - Kastinger Best Outdoor Footwear Manufacturer 2018 - Germany Fundamentally, Lemipan’s passion is to provide all consumers with light, modern and best fitting products. The usage of best technology is therefore required to ensure excellence for every client. As part of this, the firm works very closely with Vibram, which is one of the best companies for the development and production of outsoles, to ensure that clients receive only the very best when they buy from Lemipan. Looking ahead, drawing on the success of Kastinger Lemipan intends to expand its portfolio and move into new markets such as accessories and clothing. For the upcoming season, the firm will introduce for the first time a small outdoor line developed by Italian manufactures and designers. The production process is solely based in Europe. To ensure high quality of the products, only selected materials and outsole compounds are used. As such, consumers can be sure that this new line is completely waterproof and will meet their exact needs. These developments will offer the firm the chance to grow even further and build upon its already impressive achievements. Company: Lemipan GmbH - Kastinger Contact: Leo Burkhart Address: Schachenstraße 1, Pirmasens, 66954, Germany Phone: 0049 175 2946135 Website: Alps and lakes in Germany Alps in Germany