LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018

Page 28 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards supporting them to overcome any problems they have.” “Thanks to our hard work, today we have a dedicated client base who are predominantly over 30, as it seems that at this age clients are more concerned about what they put on their skin and prefer our natural, no nonsense stance on skin care. We have categorised our ranges into prevention and correction. Our prevention line is to prevent the signs of premature ageing and our correction line is to help repair the effects of premature ageing.” Operating in the highly competitive skin care market, Natural Elements has to work hard to differentiate itself from its competition. As Kelly highlights, they achieve this by offering natural solutions which are made using only the finest ingredients. “As our name suggests, Natural Elements’ range of skincare products are very natural, and we only use unadulterated botanical ingredients which are the purest form of a vital oil or essential oil. Using this form of the oils contains the richest natural benefits. Because of the delicacy of the ingredients we must make batches of products by hand, mixing them in individual tubs to stop separation. It’s the best and only way to keep the quality intact and use the best quality ingredients. We would never opt to mass-produce our products, they are unique, and all individually crafted to ensure quality.” With regards to the future, Kelly foresees even greater success for Natural Elements as it seeks to enhance its service offering whilst remaining true to its roots, as she is excited to conclude. “Overall, the future is looking very bright for Natural Elements and we are working very hard on the next stages of the evolving skin care world into cell-decay. Our market is constantly changing, and we must continue to listen to our customers and the latest research in improving health to continue to flourish and bring our customers what they want and need.” Company: Natural Elements Skin Care Contact: Kelly Duncan Facebook: @NESkinClinic Instagram: @neskincareuk Phone: 0203 972 6299 Website: Originally established 20 years ago in response to the growing demand of natural skin care products and the rise of the anti- chemical movement, Natural Elements began life in the professional beauty world as one of the first anti-ageing professional ranges with 100% natural ingredients. A few years ago, it was launched to the public. The public launch was in response to consumers continually questioning the beauty industry regarding the latest trends and ingredients used, as they become increasingly focused on the ingredients they use on their skin. Kelly discusses how the business has adapted its service to ensure their customers are receiving solutions that meet their needs and satisfy their desire for luxury. “At Natural Elements, we are wholly devoted to the idea that skin care should promote positive well-being, not just flawless skin. Natural Elements’ parent company, Essentially Yours has been creating the best performing natural formulations for many big-name brands over the years so as you can imagine, our experts know exactly which ingredients will benefit the people using them. Natural Elements is not a standard, run-of- the-mill skin care company. We provide a lot of consumer advise and raise awareness to highlight the positives and negatives that go on within the cosmetic industry, helping consumers become aware of issues they might not necessarily have been aware of and Supporting both Spas and consumers alike, Natural Elements Skin Care offers luxurious skincare solutions that are natural, organic and effective. We invited Kelly Duncan to tell us more about this innovative company and the unique products it has to offer. Natural Elements Skin Care Best Organic Anti- Ageing Brand - UK Natural Elements - Revital Facial Oil 50ml Natural Elements - Crown Luxury Tightening Face Serum