LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018

Page 46 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards Focusing on combining sustainability and style, WORON is a slow fashion brand that wants to empower women to feel sexy in their natural shape and form. Arina explores the inspiration she and her sister used to create this innovative and unique brand. “When we started WORON and decided to become a sustainable fashion brand, our inspiration came from our three keywords: sustainable fashion essentials. This is the essence that we kept coming back to when we were still in the planning stages and brainstorming our ideas for our brand. We have a very minimalistic Scandinavian approach and what we find fascinating, is that something so simple and clean can be so attractive. This is also the message that we want to get across, that less definitely can be more. WORON is a vegan, sustainable lingerie brand founded by sisters Anya and Arina Woron. We caught up with Arina to learn more about this innovative concept and how it is changing the fashion market for the better. WORON Best Cruelty- Free Underwear & Swimwear Fashion Brand - Denmark Each and every style that we design and give life to, has to live up to our design standards of: seasonlessness, versatility, comfort and being basic with a ‘Woron’ twist. Furthermore, we use plant-based fabrics, promote a natural fashion and it is also important for us, to embrace a ‘natural’ and more clean perspective on beauty and body perception. As a result, consumers will not find any push- up effects in our bras. We want our products to bring out the best in a woman, whilst remaining naturally beautiful. To achieve this, we have put a lot of attention to developing designs with great fitting and comfort that goes hand in hand with a feminine and sexy look.” Named after the sisters’ surname, the brand uses their individual skills and brings them together to create something truly special. Production WORON The One Swimsuit