LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018 Page 47 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards Anya’s interest lies in everything that’s essential, from the food she eats, to the beauty products she makes herself in her kitchen and on it goes. The trendy does not necessarily have to come first for Anya: it is more important that its durable, has a simple design and fits with everything, so that she never has to worry whether she has something that fits with the rest of her clothing every morning. Complimenting this, her sister Arina is very passionate about clothing/ textiles, following the latest trends and seeing how the world of fashion keeps affecting us and shaping how we portray ourselves. Her creative spark knows no end and she loves the challenge that comes from having to distil so many ideas down to a simple functionality, in the brand’s styles, the way she and her sister work in the office, systematising every aspect so that it is as efficient as possible. Together, the pair are both very passionate about making a difference. Their name, Woron, becomes WORON the brand in the way that they envision it, when the pair combine all three aspects – sustainable fashion essentials - and it becomes a reflection of them and the universe they are striving to create. In her concluding comments, Arina shares a unique insight into this universe and how she and her sister strive to create something truly innovative with their brand, a focus which will remain central to the firm’s ongoing success. “What sets WORON apart from other lingerie brands and fashion houses is that we work differently than the common way within the fashion industry, in that our core is slow fashion. Our design focus is to create styles that are timeless, that can be used all year around and that are wardrobe essentials. This means that we do not cater to temporary trends, we are not about new collections season after season, just to be able to present something new again and again. When we launch new pieces, it is always just a few styles, that fit the core structure of our entire collection. Our key words are simplicity all the way through our business, right from the way we design each piece, through our production, the stores we collaborate with, our marketing, financial approach etc. “Fundamentally, at WORON we take each day methodically, step by step, rather than rush our products and story and hereby we stay true to our beliefs about a more sustainable way of making business.” Company: WORON Contact: Arina Woron Address: Esromgade 15, 2208. 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark Phone: 0045 42 79 99 29 Web Address: