LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018

Page 50 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards Founded in 2015 as part of a revolution combining luxurious, organic and vegan cosmetics, that cleanse, moisturize and regenerate cells while respecting the different skin and hair types. Also, with its “Just Be Yourself” mindset and movement, Ashana.B Paris is dedicated to promoting inner beauty. As such, the brand encourages clients to be themselves so that women and men can celebrate their natural beauty and enhance it with with healthy beauty care products instead of covering up with harmful chemical products. Its creator, Shana Barry, draws on years of personal experience to create a truly unique and innovative brand in Ashana.B. Through years of working in prestigious circles, Shana has personally tested numerous beauty products, but only natural raw materials could suit her delicate skin and hair. With the encouragement of her loved ones, she decided to build and develop her very own luxury cosmetic brand: Ashana.B, in order to offer products made of organic, natural and premium ingredients which respect and compliment every body and hair type. Thus, Shana is developing a forgotten form of elegance, a true return to the roots of health and well-being through nature. She Ashana.B PARIS is a 100% French luxury eco-responsible brand which celebrates natural beauty. As we share a selection of our illustrious winners for the 2018 Fashion & Lifestyle Awards, we decided to profile the brand and share how it works to offer a unique range of products designed to enhance their users’ natural beauty. Ashana.B PARIS Best Natural Beauty Products Provider in organic, vegan and cruelty free luxury cosmetics. - France. "The Best of nature to enhance your beauty". marks a break in the trend of artificial beauty that has been ongoing for far too long. Her brand has achieved incredible success thanks to its unique focuses and Shana’s leadership, which has driven Ashana.B PARIS naturally towards organic and vegan beauty for all before it becomes a trend. In today’s beauty and skincare market there is a real phenomenon of returning back to nature in particular in reaction to the overconsumption of chemicals for decades. This revolution is a growing movement that affects all types of populations from different backgrounds, and Ashana.B works hard to offer a range of products “Trésor de Beauté” , from shampoo, conditioner, hair mask to body lotion, face cream and aftershave, that can meet its clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.