LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018 Page 53 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards well as from their professional stylist. The pure salon-only distribution model is old fashioned as the internet is no longer just a place to find ‘cheaper’ products. Looking ahead, this trend for clients to shop- around and explore their options will remain key to Pump Haircare’s ongoing success, as Natasha is proud to conclude. “As we look to the future, at Pump Haircare we think the shift away from large slow-moving fashion and lifestyle brands to smaller, more targeted brands will continue. Also, we think there will be consolidation in the space of social media influencers as both large and small brands look more closely at the return on investment for paying micro influencers. Adapting around these trends, we aim to offer our clients the benefit of our knowledge and provide them with the support they need. “Overall, we are proud to have customers in over 90 countries now and are excited to hit the magic 100 mark on that front. As a company, Pump Haircare is always introducing new products to meet customers’ needs, and we are excited for what the future will hold.” Company: Pump Haircare Contact: Natasha Jay Address: Level 1, 5/30 Barcoo Street, Roseville, 2069 NSW, Australia Phone: 61410773330 Website: Created by Natasha, a professional Sydney based hairdresser who saw a need for a better, Australian made, all-natural, salon quality shampoo with no harsh chemicals, Pump Haircare’s innovative line is uniquely effective by way of the firm’s trademarked BioGro formula. The products are simple to use, and the team create how-to video content on how to use certain products or use them to style the latest hair trends. Natasha shares an insight into how the firm aims to offer every client the benefit of its wealth of expertise. “At Pump Haircare we offer our clients only the highest possible quality support and service. When I started the firm, I made a conscious decision to only employee hairdressers as our customer service reps, so not only can they help with general customer enquires but are also able to give the best possible advice on hair care questions. We have a small and close team, I have never hired based on someone's resume but rather based on their attitude. There is no one role for my staff as an example, my main customer service manager also deals directly with wholesale customers and salons. One of my logistics coordinators also reaches out to bloggers and influencers and the IT manager doubles up as a graphic designer working on packaging design. This flexible internal culture ensures that my clients always receive the very best possible support and service they can rely on.” This level of service is particularly vital in today’s changing haircare market. Customers want to be able to buy luxury products online and get high quality service when they purchase those high-quality products. In haircare specifically, customers want to be able to buy salon quality products directly online as Pump haircare is a professional online and salon distributed haircare line whose primary focus is on hair growth stimulating products. Founder Natasha Jay talks us through her firm and the range of products it offers. Pump Haircare Best Hair Care Products Supplier 2018 – Australia & Customer Service Excellence Award - Australia