LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018 Page 57 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards The two young entrepreneurial ladies founded this business for numerous reasons. They advocate that even in developing countries, business should be run with the environmental protection and safety of usage in mind. They aimed to prove that women are equally capable as men to run a successful business. Eunarz Cosmetics is the first cosmetic brand in China that has strong "eco-friendly" and feminist ideals in mind and is also trying to make a big influential trend in the United States. Targeting the Chinese market, New York Fashion Week, with Chinese high-end designer brands, is an exciting opportunity for the brand to expand its reputation and influence. With the introduction of their very first lipstick line, 8 shades for women and 2 shades for men, this international brand is aiming to provide the perfect finishing touch for every face. A warm color shade scales from reds, oranges, purples, and deep pinks. Perfect for the beginning of the Autumn season, especially for the new LANYU Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection. Not only for the high quality of the product, the packaging is also designed to be on par with its competitors, such Dior and Chanel, yet with affordable prices for the everyday consumer. This lipstick is safe, affordable and expecting to explore the inner beauty of each customer. The brand starts with the prefix "EU," which means "good" or "well," with "NAR" as the ending, which is derived from the word "Nature." The combination of the word represents the company ideology of "Beauty in Nature." After two years of Research and Development, the founders have finally succeeded in launching this beauty brand. With the jointed forces of the Department of Chemistry at Oxford University, Columbia University's Bio-engineering Department, and the USA based manufacture factory, Eunarz Cosmetics was able to devote strong technology to the research and development of the new product. The entire lipstick collection is certified Organic, All-Natural and Edible. With the refined ingredient of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, Eurnaz is able to provide ultimate lip- quenching, color saturating, and human friendly product to fulfill customers' need even with the most sensitive skin. Its special fragrance is extracted straight from the citrus of an orange and is even verified safe for pregnant women and new-born babies. Collaborating with LANYU in New York Fashion Week, Eunarz Cosmetics has launched its first lipstick collection in North America. This new beauty brand has gained significant attention globally, especially in East Asia, USA and Canada. Eunarz Cosmetics Launches at NYFW With Their Eco- Friendly Lipsticks