LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018

Page 58 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards Founder Melanie has worked for highly established brands and TV work that includes television promos for Dancing Mums and Miss World to working on the highly acclaimed Drama Downton Abby and recently Hollywood blockbuster She Who Brings Gifts , Sony TV America series Snatch working with Rupert Grint, NetFlix TV show Free Rein and recently working on television commercial for Very. for their Christmas campaign series of TV adverts, as well as working in the Royal Albert Hall for the Celebrity Christmas Special event for charity Bloodwise. Specialising in creative fashion shoots for companies such as Babez and BooHoo, catwalk, body art and red-carpet events with the celebrities of Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks along with footballers from Chelsea, Manchester City and the England ladies football team. Melanie has been teaching for a total of 18 years now and during this time she has gained a full Teaching Degree, a Spa Management and Therapies Degree and a Level 4 in Media Specialist Makeup and Prosthetics amongst many other qualifications. She has worked as a key Manager within and FE college as well as now owning her own Academy which she has successfully managed for three years. Ultimately, drawing on this wealth of experience MelVicMakeup Academy has a bright future ahead as it seeks to enhance its success even further and work alongside a wider range of esteemed clients. Contact: Melanie Doyle Address: Victoria House, 490 Knutsford Road, Warrington, WA41DX, UK Phone: 07816224009 Website: MelVicMakeup Training Academy in Warrington was created over three years ago by Melanie who has over 20 years of experience in the industry of beauty and makeup artistry and has a very versatile portfolio that has led to her looking after celebrities such as Chloe Jasmine who was known for singing on TV show 'The X Factor' and the classical singers 'Classical Reflection' from the TV show The Voice . MelVicMakeup Academy provides a range of makeup, hair, lash and beauty therapy courses which showcase cutting-edge techniques and classic styles. As part of our overview of a selection of winners from the Fashion & Lifestyle Awards we profile the firm and its Founder to explore the secrets behind their collective success. Best Makeup Training Provider - North England M V M MelVicMakeup ACADEMY Model Josie Moran | Photography @yekim_photography Model Sarah Reed | Photography @IainHamiltonPhotography