LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018

Page 6 LUX 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards My Private Villas originated after its CEO, Paolo, bought shares in a luxury villa rental company, and grew increasingly disappointed in poor ethics, and in agencies increasing the price rates of properties to satisfy their own profit margins. Huge mark-ups meant that the official rates of the property were being vastly inflated, at a cost to the clients, and owners were feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied at the lack of control. He was not comfortable with this system and wanted contacts to create a ‘better way’, and so he sold his shares, moved to London, utilised his experience and network of friends, owners and contacts to create a ‘private club’ of owners. Offering full transparency and open communication, today My Private Villas develops tailor-made marketing and promotional activities for all of the properties it represents, as Paolo highlights: “With the help of our 12 PR agencies worldwide, My Private Villas is able to offer free publicity across the globe to ‘our’ villas; we organize events where we can individually promote the villas to the right target audience, we create customised marketing campaigns for the villas, we organize FAM and Press trips, and showcase the villas in popular TV shows like X-Factor or Keeping up with the Kardashians, thus presenting the villa not only as a holiday My Private Villas is an exclusive collection of the highest quality luxury holiday properties, villas, chalets and private islands available to rent directly from their owners in the most iconic destinations worldwide. As we have recognised the firm in our Fashion & Lifestyle Awards, we decided it was high time we invited the CEO, Paolo Macchiaroli, to talk us through the firm and share an insight into how he has driven it to the success it enjoys today. MY PRIVATE VILLAS LTD Best Luxury Villa Accommodation Provider – UK & LUX Award for Client Service Excellence 2018