2019 Fashion & Lifestyle Awards

Page 12 www.lux-review.com LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2019 Working to revolutionise the textiles manufacturing market, Lara Wear is the answer to the uprising trend in which top fashion brands transfer their production from Asia to Eastern Europe in their pursuit of quality. The long tradition of the Romanian textile industry, the overall experience, as well as the geographical position, leads the team at Lara Wear to believe that there is a great need in the market, for highly skilled manufacturers. As such, they have developed a solution that is designed to meet these needs and create quality knitwear. The firm’s cutting-edge knitwear factory is one of the only manufacturers in Europe that offers integrated in-house services of design, production and transportation. The firm’s designers and machine programmers work closely alongside clients to refine their designs and mass-produce quality pieces, that reflect the vision of Lara Wear’s partner brands. Of course, nothing would be possible without the factory’s state-of-the-art STOLL & Steiger German knitting machines. By having the capability of producing knitwear both thick and ultra-fine knits, Lara Wear is able to offer its valued partners a one-stop-shop for their knitting needs. Such a bespoke, tailored and cutting-edge solution is the driving force behind Lara Wear’s success and has helped to set it apart from its competitors in this highly saturated market. Ultimately, Lara Wear wants to become the most important partner of the international knitwear brands in Eastern Europe. To achieve this, the firm will not only be Thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of its creator Lara Wear, Lara Wear is the newest, high-tech knitting solution in Romania designed to meet the highest quality and design standards in the industry. We profile the firm to find out more about how it is crafting quality knitwear through its commitment to innovation. Lara Wear Best Knitwear Manufacturer - Europe enhancing its manufacturing solution, but also launching its own knitwear collection. The firm’s international team of designers have already put the project in motion and Lara Wear is pleased to announce the premiere of the collection during autumn 2020. Company: Lara Wear Name: Laura Ciuhu Address: Street Colonel Gheorghe Costescu 3, Bucharest, Romania Telephone Number: +40 722 543 650 Web Address: www.larawear.eu

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